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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Weekend 21-23 Jan x

♥My New Boyfriend & amazing weekend!

My weekend was amazing, I've been waiting for it (more) since 10th January :D That was the day that my new boyfriend, Daniel, told me he had feelings for me :) It made my day, week and month :D So after the op, waiting to see him was killing me. He lives an hour away in the next county so I don't get to see him that often, but when I do its great :D

Me and Daniel :) x

So Friday, I got up, went shopping to buy a new bag (pictured below) and a brown belt (pictured below) in New Look. I wore a pink cardi i got in Penneys, a flower detailed dress (pictured below) I bought in New Look the week before, brown ankle boots, black tights and a pink hair band. We met and went to the park (we basically recreated the 1st time we met) :) After the park, we went looking around in a few the shops and then went to play pool with 2 of my friends that he was meeting for the first time :)

Spotted Trolley Bag, €33, New Look

Three Buckle Belt, €9, New Look

Meadow BabyDoll Dress, €22, New Look

We walked around the park holding hands, and talking, then sat and he told me how he liked me, when he realized it and all that :) His feelings are all knew to him hence why it took him so long to realize what he felt.

We were friends for 7 months and now we're officially a couple since Saturday :D Best weekend ever. We spent the weekend at his house and it was great. We watched movies, played ps3 and cuddled loads :D He's so sweet and has his soppy moments. He makes me laugh and smile all the time. He makes me so happy :)

We've never fought, always have fun together and see each other when we can. I really care for him and he cares for me. He was the reason why I went to the doc's and got my snoring checked, and the op is working so I can sleep properly. So thanks to him I've avoided some serious life problems from down the line! Like Diabetes, stroke, heart problems and I don't snore as loud or as much anymore :D

I am in a good place in my life now, so happy. I'm glad things have worked out the way they did.

Thanks for reading :) xx

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Soap & Glory Hatbox of 2010 :)

So once again my sister got me the new soap and glory hatbox for Christmas :D I love it :D

This is what it looks like - it has a bag, a foldable box with a cardboard lid with all the products inside on it.

This is the lid and it had all the products with the names of them and how much of the products are there.

This is what it looks like inside the box :)

Here are all the products, it includes:

*Clean on me shower gel
*Hand Food
*Girligo spray on body moisturising mist
*Glad hair day daily hair shampoo
*The righteous butter
*Flake away body polish
*Breakfast scrub
*Scrub your nose on it
*Off your face cleansing cloths
*A body loofa
And I also got these items seperately:

*Glow Getter body tan - amazing shimmer tan that gives your skin a gorgeous colour and glow.
*Glow lotion - gives body a nice shimmer and can be used to highlight your assets ;)
*Night cream - moisturiser for face.
*Hocus pocus face glow - gices your face a healthy glow or can eb used to highlight cheakbones.

I will test and blog about these products in the upcoming weeks :)
Lots of love xoxo

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Makeup looks I like (past pics)

Sleep apnea and my tonsillectomy

This is just my explaining whats been going on in my life a lot over the past few months. So basically I suffer from sleep apnea (it is a sleep disorder with abnormally low breathing during sleep. Each pause in breathing, called an apnea, can last from a few seconds to minutes, and may occur 5 to 30 times or more an hour).

So what made me go to the doctor was I snore extremely loud! I got my adenoids removed when I was 14 to help stop it but that didn't work, it actually made it worse. So I went back again because my friends had said I stop breathing and sound like I choke in my sleep. And I slept my way through the summer, I was constantly exhausted, I couldn't do anything, I was always falling asleep while doing stuff. Going back to college was a nightmare... I used to drift off during classes so I had to constantly drink energy drinks (which are high in sugar, bad for you in general), so having 2 of these a day is very bad. I never got int trouble but it was rude to seem like I wasn't listening so I was constantly embarrassed and missed out on crucial information, my memory span was cut short!

So I was sent to a specialist who believed I may have sleep apnea so i did a sleep study in November. Once the results came back, it was shocking! I had one of the highest apnea levels in Ireland. The normal apnea level for sleepers is 5 times a night, for sleep apnea sufferers it is averaged at 30 apneas a night. But in my case my apnea level is 96.3! That is extremely high and dangerous.

Common symptoms include loud snoring, restless sleep, and sleepiness during the daytime. Sleep apnea causes many health risks in later years, so going undiagnosed is dangerous to you. Health risks associated with this is high blood pressure, heart complications, stroke, diabetes and even sudden death.

I was told my tonsils were twice the size of normal tonsils, they needed to be removed. After I got the results of my sleep study I was given a sleep machine (pictured below) and had to sleep with it every night ever since. When I found out I was totally shocked, I was thinking how can I have this on with friends staying over or with a guy in my bed?! With the tonsillectomy hopefully it will stop my sleep apnea and stop the snoring too.

On January 11th, I had my operation and am currently recovering. The operation went well, when I woke in the recovery room, my heart rate was higher than normal and my hole body was shaking with cold. They gave me a hot blanket but I was still freezing for some time. I was very groggy too.

When I got back to my room, I started to cry - I felt very overwhelmed after waking from the anaesthetic! My parents were there when I first got back but left to leave me rest. My friend Mark and his girlfriend Leigh came to visit me, they brought me a get well card and ice cream and some other treats. Then later on my friends Salome Niamh and Rose came to visit :) I was so exhausted from talking to Mark and Leigh that I couldn't talk much when the girls got there. When they left I was so exhausted. I had to drink loads of water, take shots of pain killers and had a drip hooked up to my hand. The drink half fell out during the night so I got it taken out. I was allowed to leave the hospital the next day after lunch and since have been home.

I'm on 3 different tablets for the pain and antibiotics. After eating I feel sick, not so great, and the painkillers make me drowsy :(

It should be all worth it in the end and hopefully my apnea will be gone when I'm recovered, but there is no guarantees. Anyone else had there tonsils removed, let me know of there experience, how did your treatment go? :)

Lots of Love