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Saturday, April 17, 2010

My first tattoo!!

♥ Decisions, Decisions ♥
When it comes to needles I run a mile...... but at the idea of getting inked is frightfully awesome! I have wanted a tattoo for AGES... but like many people the actual thing you want tattooed is always the thing that stops you getting for AGES (years for me).
OK, so I want to get a bow tattoo because I think there really feminine, girly and perfect thing for me to get done :) I love this first picture because it is realistic and cute looking :)
This second image is also a place where I'd love to get a bow tattoo but not necessarily the same as the picture but on my wrist! The main thing that turns me off is I know it would HURT sooooooo bad but then again, all tattoos hurt!
I wanted this as a tattoo but with pink instead of the purple around my ankle like the image below (with the cross) except I heard a girl got one similar on her ankle and it hurt more than any other place on the body because of the bones etc. So I got TOTALLY turned off that idea, but Im considering getting a star tattoo on my foot! haha.

Anyone have tattoo's on there ankle/ foot/ wrist or back of neck? Does it hurt more in these places? If you know please let me know! haha. Any info would be handy, thanks.

None of these pictures are of my tattoo... these are just some inspirational pics I found online!

Lots of hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

UPDATE: Check out my first tattoo here!!

Review + FOTN

♥ Hey Dolls ♥
I have tested Maybellines 24hr foundation and I love it :) It gives good coverage, spreads well and looks flawless :) All the pics below show me wearing it below. I wore it to a house party at the weekend and it lasted all night and didn't look patchy or dull.

This is a pic of me in the car going to the house party with my makeup complete :) I am wearing maybellines 24hr foundation, 17 blush in china pink, maybellines define a line liquid liner and Maybellines falsies mascara.

This is a pic of me from last night, I was heading out with my girlfriends and the foundation lasted all night and looked well :) I am wearing all the same products as above except for rimmels quid eyeshadows in browns :)

This is at the beginning of the night at half 8ish :)

And this is at half 12! So as you can see the makeup didnt go all worn and dull looking :)
When I first tried the 24 hr foundation I noticed how light and creamy it felt. It didnt feel like it was loaded onto my face, it felt natural and airy :) After I took off the foundation I also noticed it didn't dry out my skin! Which is always a plus :D
If you want to know anything else just ask :)
Lots of hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, April 9, 2010

I went SHOPPING (mini)

Hey Dolls :)

I was shopping yesterday for the first time in about FOREVER haha. Its been SO long :O I only got two little but very necessary items. I got maybellines SuperStay 24hour foundation and Soap and Glory Bright Here Bright Now moisturiser. So I really needed a new moisturiser for about two weeks but wanted to get something different and then a friend was using this so I said why not :)

Then the foundation - I persipire quite a lot on nights out... normally in a club for 4 hours straight with a lot of alcohol in my system. I've been wanting to try a foundation that claims to last against "heat, humidity, sweat, transfer, touch, LIFE!" haha. OK so the ultimate test will be on Saturday when I'm going to a house party at my friends house. So there will probably be drink down my face, a lot of sweat and transfer onto clothes. So, I will do a post early next week to tell you how it survived :D

Thanks for reading,
Lotsa Smooches :) xxxxxxx

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Elle's April Giveaway

Hey Doll,

Elle is having a really great giveaway including all these amazing prizes. Go to her Blog and checkout the rules of the giveaway and how to enter :)

Thanks Elle for having this giveaway :)

Lots of smooches xxx

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OOTN/FOTN past few weeks :)

Hey dolls...

This is just a random post to show you different looks from nights out recently :)

Ok so since turning single I've become a bit wild... and I look 100% hotter when I go out 2!! haha. Ok so...

This first pic from Paddys Day :) So I wore tan so had to wear bronzer on my face so I didnt look pale but the pics make me look orange!I had a flower hairband on from primark and the dress is new look :) (I wasn't single paddys day!)

This pic is from last Thursday, we went to a friend of a friends going away party, mad stuff! So I wore a bogy con dress with zip down the front from primark. Had my hair straight and poofed and my face looks kinda pale but I was flaming at this stage!! :P
This is me doing my make-up at Natalies house before we go out for her 18th!! First single night out!!
This is me and my bessie mate Salome in Dunnes, her mom bought use these sunglasses coz we looked so good :D This was the day after a mad night out when we got free entry into a club!! :D
And this is the mad night out before the sunglasses! I was very drunk and no explanation needed.... :P hahaha

If you follow me on Facebook you will see more mad pics :)

Lotsa smooches x x x x x x x x x

And the winner is...........

Hey dolls,

My giveaway is CLOSED!!!!

Ok, so because I was still drunk from the night before and had it in the back of my head that my giveaway ended on the 2nd of April instead of the 4th.... which is why for a split second I had giveaway closed on the post AND had written a post too... embarrassing...

Ok, so I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for entering my giveaway... THANK YOU. I have managed to get 3 times the followers I had when I first posted the giveaway :)

I entered the list of 145 entries into word (due to multiple entries) and then used random.org to pick a winner :D So..

Congradulations to my winner.... which is.... LORRAINE (Lowster)!!! Congradulations chick :)
She was the first one to enter my giveaway and random.org chose her to win :)

If you see this before you get my email... please contact me with your details.

If I could I would give everyone a little something but I guess blogposts can be yer prize :D

Any ideas for me ladies, don't hesitate to tell me :D

Thanks again to all who entered!

Hugs x x x x x x x

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My mini huge thank you giveaway is nearly closed!!!

Hey guys and dolls :) (mainly dolls)

My giveaway is nearly closed!! I just wana say thank you so so much to everyone who entered! I think I got about 100 entries... which is amazing :)

I will have to make out a list of entrants and use random.org to sort it all out! And I will post the winner as soon as I figure out who it is! So please be patient! :)

UPDATE: Ok, so wild isn't the word for how my midterm break from college is going!!!! I was out monday night, home tuesday night, stayed at my friends house wednesday, going away party for a friend thursday (was up ALL night drinking :O), house party last night and now I am writing this with the huge possibility of still being a bit drunk!!

Vodka is EVIL!!!! haha

So I promise I will have the giveaway results up by the end of the week!!! :D

I thought the closing date was yesterday but theres still over 24 hours to enter :D SORRY about that hahahaha.... April 4th is the closing!
Lots of smooches x x x x