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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Surprise Birthday!!

Hey dolls! OMG planning a surprise birthday is so stressful! Last night I attended and mainly
planned one of my closest friends, Salome, 21st birthday party.

So I found out about 24 hours before the party that nothing was planned because due
to unnecessary stuff I ended up pulling out of the planning originally, so I had to sort the cake and decorations on the day of the party. I got my good friend Rose to help me out in the shopping and other party sorting tasks. So I started drinking and got ready at Rose's apartment, we were due to set up the decorations at 7.30, people were due at the venue at 8pm. So I didn't arrive til 9 with the decorations because I was so stressed out getting ready I needed to drink and calm down for 5 minutes!

Once there I started putting up the decorations and by 9.30 there was 7 people there :O So I was getting the place set up and it was sorted so I got a drink at the bar and sat waiting for the birthday girl... more of our friends showed up so there was a good crowd
there by the time the birthday girl came at 10 :D
When Salome first showed up she was so surprised and happy she started to cry! It was so cute and really made all the stress I went through worth the joy she had on her face! She was really surprised.... there was loads of opportunities for her to cop on because some people slipped but she never did!!

This is when me and Rose first saw her at the party and she thanked us for the effort and was telling us how surprised she was and happy.

This is me with Salome and her mom :) I invited her mom 24 hours beforehand too. Everything was badly organised but it all went fairly smoothly as the night went on. Her mom noticed how stressed out I was. She thanked me for planning and sorting everything, which was nice of her :)
Cake time!! Yummy, I got her a chocolate cake from Tesco! I lit some 2.1. candles and we sang happy birthday and she wasn't expecting a cake but she got a yummy one :D (I look Spanish with the red flower in my hair haha)

The night went down well and after the pub we moved onto a club and shook some bootay :D It was a good night and we had loadsa fun!

So don't overplan but organise timing better is my main lesso learned from this experience :)

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