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Monday, August 23, 2010

My 21st!!

Hey everyone!

What an event my 21st was :O The day began good, then unlucky and then funny, then...!! Ok, so starting off I had 3 of my friends stay over the night before the party so we woke up and had a chillaxed morning! :)

Me and Salome went to collect the balloons with my sister and they had the wrong order done up so gave me a free bunch of balloons! And then I got a huge 2 and 1 balloons and walked out of the shop and the 1 blew away! So with all this time going by I was building up a sweat from panic and rushing!

This is me and Salome before we started getting ready, we just sat on the bed moisturising our legs and me sipping on some red bull :D

TAN TIME!! haha Ok so I started to do my tan and used a hand mitt with Sally Hansen in medium all over my legs, arms, back and chest.

And We're ready!! :D AnnMarie, Sharon, me, Salome and Ger got our drink on :D Ger called oer at 8pm so we could drink some Mojito's and alcopop's. We finally got to the venue and had everything set up by 9 when people started to arrive!

This is me n my guy BFF Mark. Got the yellow badge from my sis, and the "birthday girl" tiara and sash from my friend Sinead as part of my present :)
This is me and Jen, we were in primary school together and managed to end up back in school together 6 years later :) crazy! :) haha.
This is me and my BFF Sharon all smiles after a few drinks :D
We had some night! Once we hit the club Salome went missing for 2 and half hours and passed out in the bathroom of the club! :P Some dramatic but funny night :D
Lots of Love xoxo


  1. hope you had a good night- you looked gorgeous!
    & a belated Happy birthday :)


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