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Monday, August 30, 2010

My new brand love: Lipsy

I love Lipsy! All there dresses are stunning and can be for any occasion. They have savage shoes, gorgeous dresses, lovely jewellery, cute velour tracksuits and of course all different types of bags.
Beaded Pocket Bustier Dress - My BFF wore this dress to my 21st birthday, another friend of mine wore this to her 21st and Snooki from MTV Jersey Shores also wore this dress.
Strapless Oversized Animal Print Dress - this dress is gorgeous and part of the Pixie Lott for Lipsy range.

Pleated Strapless Dress - This dress is gorgeous, the print is described as kryptonite print. The colours are bright and make the dress pop. The fitting of this dress is very flattering for body shapes that have or are lacking curves.

Ruched Lace Strappy Dress - I really like this dress. I like the way its body fitting, I like the ruched side and the overall style.

2 in 1 Necklace Beaded Corsage Dress - I really like this Lipsy dress because its like a skirt and top, but its all one. The skirt is tight and fitted ad the top is loose with some detail.

Bandeau Chiffon Layered Dress - I saw this dress in Cosmopolitan UK magazine and fell in love with it (without the belt). The dress was picked to help recreate the look of Leighton Meester on the cover. I love the look :)

Animal Ruched Dress - I love this animal print and the style of the dress. Its well put together and the animal print is gorgeous! This dress would be gorgeous with long curly hair, a tan, brown eyeshadows and a brown lipgloss with extreme lashes! :) (then again I'd do this with all these dresses hehe)
Lots of Love xoxo

Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday nights out since my birthday! :P

Ann's 21st :)

Una's 19th :)

Lots of Love xoxo

My 21st!!

Hey everyone!

What an event my 21st was :O The day began good, then unlucky and then funny, then...!! Ok, so starting off I had 3 of my friends stay over the night before the party so we woke up and had a chillaxed morning! :)

Me and Salome went to collect the balloons with my sister and they had the wrong order done up so gave me a free bunch of balloons! And then I got a huge 2 and 1 balloons and walked out of the shop and the 1 blew away! So with all this time going by I was building up a sweat from panic and rushing!

This is me and Salome before we started getting ready, we just sat on the bed moisturising our legs and me sipping on some red bull :D

TAN TIME!! haha Ok so I started to do my tan and used a hand mitt with Sally Hansen in medium all over my legs, arms, back and chest.

And We're ready!! :D AnnMarie, Sharon, me, Salome and Ger got our drink on :D Ger called oer at 8pm so we could drink some Mojito's and alcopop's. We finally got to the venue and had everything set up by 9 when people started to arrive!

This is me n my guy BFF Mark. Got the yellow badge from my sis, and the "birthday girl" tiara and sash from my friend Sinead as part of my present :)
This is me and Jen, we were in primary school together and managed to end up back in school together 6 years later :) crazy! :) haha.
This is me and my BFF Sharon all smiles after a few drinks :D
We had some night! Once we hit the club Salome went missing for 2 and half hours and passed out in the bathroom of the club! :P Some dramatic but funny night :D
Lots of Love xoxo

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ups and Downs of recent times :) xx

Hey Dolls,

This is my ups and downs for recent times :)

Too Faced Naked Eye Palette:
I love this palette. I got it from my sister who recently got back from Orlando and New York. I got an email from Sephora about this new palette and emailed her to see if she could get it. At the time it wasn't even on the shop floor :)

I love each of the three looks that the cards show... classic, day and fashion :) There really pretty looks. I've tried each of them.

Angel Porrino (Holly Madison's Assistant):

She is in Holly's World as Holly's assistant. She is absolutely stunning! I love her hair, the length and colour of it! I love her style, its very like Holly's with the denim skirt and knee high socks and cute tee's but I love it! Its so so cute.

This is a pic of her at her 21st birthday! She has a gorgeous smile and looks amazing. I am so jealous of her outfit... so cute! :)

She has a gorgeous body and is mom to one year old Roman.

She seems very down to earth and willing to help Holly Madison out with anything considering there BFF's.

Since splitting with my (ex)boyfriend of nearly four years I've had my ups and downs with guys. Been hurt three times (not seriously but a bruise to the ego), went a bit wild and went a bit boy-crazy. I've calmed down a bit now.
I decided to check out internet dating for 4 days and ended up meeting a friend off it - I wanted something more but it didn't work out so we're buds which is cool :)

(Update: This 'friend' is now my current boyfriend of almost 2 years ;))

So now I'm trying to stay off guys for a small bit and take time for myself... go to the gym, do my driving theory test and get on the road... things I want to do for just me!! :)

Lots of Love xoxo