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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My NEW tattoo!! :D

Hey dolls...

Remember a while back I posted on what I wanted my first tattoo to look like...?? :)
Well I finally got it done today :D YAY!! Its still red in the pics but u get the idea! I love it so much! Its so cute! And perfect! :)

I'll post some pics next week when its all healed and not so red :) Let me know what u think, like it/ hate it? I really don't mind because its on me not you so honest opinions :D

Lots of Love xoxo

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My hair! Grrr!

Hey girlies,

Ok, so lately my hair HATES me! haha. I've tried everything to untangle my hair, I've even used more conditioner in the shower but no matter what my hair always tangles and goes into bumps when I try to tie it up. I don't want to have to straighten my hair after every shower so I really want a solution to having smoother sleeker hair. I've used leave in conditioners, hair milks, and even VO5's hot oil to re boost some of the natural shine and condition to it. But no... my hair just doesn't want to like anything. I think my fault was washing my hair with the garden hose a few weeks back... I was desperate because I was going out that night and needed to wash my locks but the electricity happened to be off for the whole day :( Grr... so now I need help! Any suggestions? Oh and I've tried brushing it... it makes me cry it hurts so much... I'm like a child haha.

And also as you may see from my blog pic that I now have a fringe? Worst idea for me ever!!!! haha. I tried to re cut it n ended up with a sidewards fringe, AND it NEVER stays straight! :( Oh how can I get my normal side fringe back!! :O

Thanks babes xx