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Saturday, April 3, 2010

My mini huge thank you giveaway is nearly closed!!!

Hey guys and dolls :) (mainly dolls)

My giveaway is nearly closed!! I just wana say thank you so so much to everyone who entered! I think I got about 100 entries... which is amazing :)

I will have to make out a list of entrants and use random.org to sort it all out! And I will post the winner as soon as I figure out who it is! So please be patient! :)

UPDATE: Ok, so wild isn't the word for how my midterm break from college is going!!!! I was out monday night, home tuesday night, stayed at my friends house wednesday, going away party for a friend thursday (was up ALL night drinking :O), house party last night and now I am writing this with the huge possibility of still being a bit drunk!!

Vodka is EVIL!!!! haha

So I promise I will have the giveaway results up by the end of the week!!! :D

I thought the closing date was yesterday but theres still over 24 hours to enter :D SORRY about that hahahaha.... April 4th is the closing!
Lots of smooches x x x x


  1. Heya, congrats on the followers honey! :)

  2. vodka IS evil!
    congratulations on all your followers.
    it sounds like youve been having some pretty packed days! they can be the best kind :)

    xox vendettaxx.blogspot.com


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