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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OOTN/FOTN past few weeks :)

Hey dolls...

This is just a random post to show you different looks from nights out recently :)

Ok so since turning single I've become a bit wild... and I look 100% hotter when I go out 2!! haha. Ok so...

This first pic from Paddys Day :) So I wore tan so had to wear bronzer on my face so I didnt look pale but the pics make me look orange!I had a flower hairband on from primark and the dress is new look :) (I wasn't single paddys day!)

This pic is from last Thursday, we went to a friend of a friends going away party, mad stuff! So I wore a bogy con dress with zip down the front from primark. Had my hair straight and poofed and my face looks kinda pale but I was flaming at this stage!! :P
This is me doing my make-up at Natalies house before we go out for her 18th!! First single night out!!
This is me and my bessie mate Salome in Dunnes, her mom bought use these sunglasses coz we looked so good :D This was the day after a mad night out when we got free entry into a club!! :D
And this is the mad night out before the sunglasses! I was very drunk and no explanation needed.... :P hahaha

If you follow me on Facebook you will see more mad pics :)

Lotsa smooches x x x x x x x x x


  1. Certainly looks like you've been having fun - keep it up :)


  2. LOL I'm the same way. Much more confident when I'm single. That striped top is cute on you!

  3. Love your hair with the white headband!

  4. LOL looks like fun! You look great in the pics :)


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