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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hey Beauties
This weekend was an overall success :) I got some college assignements done (YAY) and its mother day today! :D So, I gave my mom a facial as her gift and she loved it :) That was a success! Also friday I got my hair done (about time) and bought myself a new 17 blusher :)

I got the china pink blusher :) The colour is quite pink so I must be very light in applying this :) When I swatched there blushes in store my friend suggested this one would be best because the pigment was light in all of them!

I got my hair lightened and got my highlights done and got shorter layers and my side fringe done properly :) My friend Sinead should be VERY proud haha.

This image shoes the layers quite well :)

My roots are done YAY and there not nasty :) hehe
Lots of Love xoxo


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