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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random Ins & Outs

♥In & Out♥


♥ Sky blue with soft white fluffy clouds:

I love looking out the window on a lovely summers day and just seeing the sky lit up all light blue in colour with some soft white clouds :) OR laying out in the grass looking up at the sky just breathing and not thinking, or worrying, or.... nothing, nothing but the blue sky and the green grass!

♥ Chinese Bulldogs:

I think these are the cutest dogs since I saw them in the anti-wrinkle advert! When the actress pulls out the dogs cheeks to show how the cream can make you go from wrinkly to not wrinkly... haha. The dogs are SO cute and I love them! :) I think its is funny how they walk!

Flat stomachs:

I would love to have a stomach like the one in this picture. I would like to wear a pair of jeans and not have rolls of skin overflowing the top of the jeans. I would like to be able to wear clothes and not have to worry about EVERY single little thing.... like is my stomach/legs/arms/boobs/ass/hair/makeup ok? I'd rather just worry about my boobs and makeup and not have that many things to look out for when buying clothes. I am the biggest girl in my group of pals and it can be so depressing at times.... I might have clear skin and a pretty face but I want a body too!

♥ Facials:

I normally get a facial once a week free in college as I am doing a joint course with beauty salon recpetionists and they need models so I get a facial + massage done every week :) I love having my skin deep cleaned and feeling soft and looking glowy! I love the relaxation of it and just getting to lie there and do absolutely nothing for 2 hours :)


♥ Alzeihmers:

Alzeihmers is a brain disorder very close to my family. My dad's grandmother had it, my nan's two older sisters had it and died from it and now my gran has it...! It affects the whole family in so many ways. She came to our house today for dinner.... she is in a very bad stage... it has come to the stage where she can't remember anyones name and she doesn't let people into her house even if... at one time, she'd know them. My uncle is her primary carer... my dad and his brother's, my uncles, do everything they can to help her have an easy life. They cook her dinner, take her shopping and to the doctors. When she gets frustrated she lashes out... physically. It is emotionally draining. She tried to talk to me today but couldn't eve piece together a sentence so I smiled and walked away - so she wouldnt see the hurt in my face! Alzeihmers is AWFUL and I would never want to live with it. It would hurt everyone I love... and to hear people laugh and joke about alzeihmers and dementia is heartbreaking because they obviously don't know the full on effects. AND what makes it that bit harder was I wrote to Alzheimers Ireland when she first got "diagnosed" and they said they'd send an information kit.... where is the mysterious kit? Not here thats for sure!!

♥ Dry Skin:

OMG my skin is getting so bad lately :( Its getting dry in patchs... I haven't moisturized more in my life than I have been the past few months and my skin seems to be getting dryer? Anyone know why this is? Or have any advise for me?

♥ Flabbiness:

I hate when summer comes along and the shorts/skirts/string tops and dresses come out... because it means my flabby belly and jiggly arms come out... :( Theres no top or dress that would hide my extra jiggly arm or suck in my tum! I want to have a nice toned body but can't afford a gym membership and I can't get myself to get out there for walks... I feel like people will be judging me and looking at me but then again with my weight I feel that anyway when I walk out the door.... grrr I hate so much being f*t!! :(

I know nobody likes hearing someone go on about how discusting they feel or how unattractive they are but I can't help it... I just needed a good ramble about how I was feeling and felt my blog was the perfect outlet for my feelings without being judged!! Everyone has those days!!

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. Hows about fitness dvds or something if it's really getting you down? Remember though that we all come in different shapes and sizes!

    Sorry to hear about your gran. Getting dementia is actually one of my biggest fears - I think about it far too much for someone my age, but I just can't comprehend how life would be if I ever got it. It's such a sad thing :(

  2. Great post doll.. that stomach looks great i agree x

  3. @ Alison: I have Coleen Rooneys fitness dvd :) I must start getting back into it... coz thats my main flaw is lack of exercise! I know... I dnt mind being curvy coz its sexy but I have a few too many, if ya know what i mean ;)

    Its awful to get or have but its one of those things you cant control so dont let it worry you too much hun :)

    @Laura: Thanks hun, ya it totally is... a bit too perfect for my goal though haha

  4. hiya
    found you thru Dainty Dollymix's blog and now im following your blog too.
    Loves it.

  5. i didn't read all of it but i do know how you feel about being like big or whatver..i'm chubby too. i'm actually in the middle of a diet type thing cus i can't button my 6's anymore :/ i thought i was really big when i was wearing 6's but now my biggest goal is to get back in them .so i cut out junk foods and soda. i only drink water and i eat everything in porportions. i walk probably 2 miles a day. try walking with a friend or listen to your ipod.when you're walking daydream. it always keeps me occupied and i never realise how far i've walked :) stay strong girl


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