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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paddys Day Makeup Ideas

♥♥ Paddys Day Makeup Idea ♥♥

When I think of St Patricks Day I think about Ireland, green, shamrocks, drink and craziness :D I always think creativity is a must when it comes to paddys day... for underagers who can't drink and for those going out getting "flamed" (drunk).... this is an important factor when looking to have some good craic! :) I used my urban decay palette to create this look. I used graffiti (green) and honey (gold). And rimmels solo shadows in white! I free hand drew the shamrock and applyed barry M marshmallow lipstick. I am wearing rimmel 16 hr lasting finish foundation.

I was feeling a bit over creative with the shamrock :P

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. Oh how cute! My Irish friend at work would love this, she's kinda sad at the moment because she can't do anything for st patricks day :( she has a huge meeting the next day so she can't get drunk the night before!

    My boyfriend wasn't easy to fix because he was so use to his last gf telling him what to do, he couldn't go out with his friends or dress the way he wanted, she always made him look like crap just to make sure no one looked at him!

    Have a great day hun

  2. Aww no you should tell her head out for a pint anyway... at least its some bit irish :P haha. Ya my friend has a presentation to do the day after paddys but that wont stop her drinking haha.

    Ya I know wat you mean, I read your letter hehe - very good! Ya my bf's best buds gf is the same with him always controlling and I'm the opposite trying to get him to go out more and dress better rather than stay in and be a hermitt! At least your bf has someone treatng him right now :)

  3. you have the prettiest eyes! lucky you! :)


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