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Monday, March 1, 2010

Night Out: Tinchy Stryder in Savoy

Hey Everyone :)

On Friday, I went to the Savoy and saw Tinchy Stryder :D For those of you who don't know who he is, he is a rapper singer from the UK! :) I was ment to see him in oxegen with Ashleigh and Alina but he walked off stage because it was too crowded in the tent... WTF!! So when I saw he was coming to Cork we defo had to go... but Alina was in amsterdam celebrating her 18th so me and Ashleigh went anyway.
I got my top/dress at New Look... its so cute and has an open back with black bows up it :)

Posing for pics, drinking a few before we head out.

Tinchy performing in his S.I.T.H. tshirt! :)
A newcomer to the music world taking his top off :)

YUM, he is definately savage in person! This is another random rapper on stage haha


Do you think I could be a model? haha
This wall was made fully of carlsberg bottles (full!)

SHH!... Posing more...

check out the tash :P

Tash some more..! :)
We had an unreal night, very good. We were chatting with the barman who thought we were buying too many drinks. And we kept passing the bouncer with the red rope going from the "adult area" to the area by the stage! He was very happy about us chatting with him and we said sorry for walking past him constantly and he was like "No problem gorgeous"... to me, yes I am bragging :P This NEVER happens me... I can tell ya I had a huge smile for the rest of the night haha. Ya, I do have a boyfriend but getting random compliments always brightens a girls night :)
Any Tinchy Stryder fans out there?

Lots of Love


  1. I have absolutely no idea who this Tinchy guy was before I read your post but DAAYYYUUMM haha he should live somewhere where he doesnt need clothes!!!! hes HOT! lol

    you and your friend have gorgeous makeup!

  2. I totally no :D haha

    Thanks :) My friend always has flawless makeup :) I gotta work at it haha :P


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