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Friday, March 26, 2010

'Love Life' Update

Hey all,

Sorry I haven't been on this in a LONG time :( I have been very busy with college work as it is getting nearer to exam time and I have had a lot of assignments to hand up. Along with this, me and my (ex)boyfriend of nearly four years 'mutually' split on Tuesday 23rd March. I am quite hurt by it because we had a lot of firsts together.... first boyfriend/girlfriend, first kiss, first most things couples do!!

 It is heartbreaking to think I can't cuddle or kiss someone when I want or tell someone how much they mean to me and hear it back, but we are going to try to be friends and hopefully once this hard and awkward period has passed then we will be proper friends! Until then its going to be very difficult.

If anyone has gone through this or if anyone at all would like to leave words of wisdom/experience share your story/comment below please!

Lots of Love

Update (2012): We are no longer friends, no contact whatsoever, we don't even say hi in public! It is for the best as it was too awkward trying to create a friendship on top of a broken relationship that never began with a friendship!!


  1. holycrap, 4 years is a long time! i hope youre doing okay doll. ive been with my boyfriend nearly that amount of time and cant even imagine what youre going through.
    stay strong

    xox vendettaxx.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks Paige :) I'll try. I was the exact same but things changed :(


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