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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I want... New Look :)

♥ New Look Lovely Clothes ♥

Y Neck Cardigan:

I love this cardigan for its simpleness and cuteness. Its very feminine and can be dressed up with a nice skirt (like the ruffle one below) and a pearl necklace :)

Tiered Ruffle Skirt:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt! Its so cute! Very feminine and that colour is so cute... I love pink! I like the way the ruffles are coming from the centre it'd be very flattering :)

Suede Flower Sandals:

These sandals are so cute... I don't know how comfortable they would be in terms of the base of the sandal and how well it moves.... but the flowers are so cute and very in! :)

Shirred Floral Tunic:

I really like the shape of this top.... it is long and has a sinched in waste so would looke very cute with a belt and denim shorts :)

Floral Print Top:

I love the shape of this dress also... the sinched in waste is so flattered and can add curves to any shape :) I love the colours and the flower detail :) Also I think it has a belt (or that was some other very similar top :) )Floral Knee High Socks:

I LOVE these socks! When I saw these I had oxegen on my brain because I can wear these under my wellies (there YELLOW haha) and look so cute with these girly sox! :)

Bow Print Crop Top:

I think this top is so cute and casual that it would really feminine-up any outfit :)

Cropped Bow Cardigan:

I LOVE this cardigan. You can't see but on this cardigan the bow has flower detail on it :) Its so girly I LOVE it :) I would wear this with a flower dress and some wedges :)
2 in 1 Pinspot Ruffle Dress:
I wanted this design skirt for a while now for the summer :) I love the ruffles skirt and how it looks like a top and skirt. On the pink ruffled skirt it has polka dots :)

2 in 1 Lace Bow Dress:

This dress is so gorgeous :) Its very nice and dress up like for a day dress.... I could definatley see myself wearing this with some sandals :)

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. I have that skirt in black (:
    New Look has some really cute things in atm!x

  2. cute :) I saw the black and the grey one! They all look lovely :) I picked the pink one because I'm in a pink/nude mood haha

  3. I am currently on the new look website as i type!
    Such gorgeous clothes hun! Absolutely love that ruffle skirt-dress & the skirt!
    <3 xxx

  4. Hi, just came across your blog & rather like it.

    New Look has some lovely stuff in at the mo - & that crop top with the bow on? Is now in the sale!


  5. I think I love every single one of these items!! Hehe xxx


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