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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Haul!!

Hey Everyone :)

So, I was shopping on Friday as my boyfriend gave me €50 to buy myself something fo valentines day. I wanted to spend it on make-up but couldn't help buying these cute things :)
"French Kiss" long jumper, New Look, €19
Pale Pink bag, New Look, €12 (down from €19)
Pale pink floral dress, New Look, €35
White flower headband, Primark, €1.50
Pink flower headband,Primark, €1.50
White flower hairband, Primark, €1.50
3 Animal Print Hairbands, Primark,€0.50
Purple Uggs, Primark, €6

I love all of these. I think there so cute! And are totally me! :) I am so glad I got to go spend a bit. I haven't gone clothes/accessories shopping n a while! :(
Thank You, Fergy!
Lots of Love xoxo


  1. heya, no thankyou lol! :)
    thanks for leaving such a sweet comment, it really made my day! :D
    yeaa you can post a pic on your blog! it would be a total honor lol.

    Thanks for takign the time to check out my blog :) i love your valentines blog, keep it coming please!
    Take care, Lucy xxx

  2. Thanks :) haha. I did a quick blog and posted it in my sidebar :)


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