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Monday, February 22, 2010

Update :) How well do you know me :)

Hey Everyone :)

So I was reading Lorraine's Blog. And I decided to let my lovely followers know a little more about me :)

My name is Kathy (for those of you that don't know). I am 5 weeks away from finishing my Reception and Customer Care course. I want to go on and do some beauty course... nail technician and beauty therapy/specialist.
I am a perfectionist - from college assignments to keeping things organised... I'm a FREAK! I freak out if my boyfriend doesnt hang his coat on the hanger on the door, or if he puts something out of place... or if I can't find stuff. (I'm the worst for finding things too!)
I love makeup! :) DUH haha. I love all those expensive brands and can never afford to buy them haha. But I love getting all dolled up for nights out!
I creep myself out when I'm alone! haha. If I hear a noise or think I see someone/thing I freak out! I just freeze for like 10 minutes and then carry on with whatever I'm doing.
I have a lovely boyfriend of nearly 4 years! I love him to bits! We met a week before we started going out and I love him to bits since them. I am definately on cloud 9 with this one :D tehe. He's funny, kind, great and is always taking care of me! :)
I love going clubbing, drinking and dancing! Kinda a party girl... when I have the money and friends that want to go out :)
I love horrors and chick flicks! :) I always block my eyes when watching horrors though. I also enjoy a good comedy when there funny... I'm not a fan of Borat or Bruno! There just stupid funny!
I am OBSESSED with Pixie Lott! I want her hair! She is stunning, has an amazing voice and a gorgeous body! If only I had her body and hair! :(

I used to collect stamps when I was younger because my sister started and I got jealous haha... I was about 6. :P
I have an older sister and a younger brother.
I LOVE pink roses and giraffes! And I am addicted to my GHD (I am currently using the purple one my bf got me :))
I miss my nan - she passed away kind of suddenly in January 2008, and its still raw thinking about it.
I went deaf when I was 5/6 for about 10 minutes (as far as I remember). I had gromits and sensitive ears since I was born and one day I ran out into the front garden and suddenly couldn't hear. It scared the bejahsus out of me! But alls fairly much good now :) YAY!
Well anything else you'd like to know let me know :) Any questions post in the comments below :) Thanks x
Lots of Love xoxo

UPDATE - No longer with this boyfriend aka ex!!


  1. thanks for the link love! :) I too am a perfectionist! i think i have a mild form of ocd ha, I creep myself out too when i'm alone i hate it! lol great post :)

  2. My mum is constantly moving things. It makes me SO mad that I kinda scare myself! x


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