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Monday, February 1, 2010

Upcoming Blogs :)

Hey Everyone :)

Because I'm such a scatter brain I said it's about time that I start planning out my posts. So here are my upcoming posts that I plan to do. There in no particular order so here we go:
  • Ball make-up look - I'm going to a ball on Thursday night and am planning out some ideas for my make-up look. (COMPLETE)
  • Soap and Glory product reviews
  • Crazy to Glam in 7 minutes - I really need to start hurrying up in the morning so this should be a good tester to try.
  • My make-up storage (COMPLETE)
This is sephora junkie's make-up collection.
  • Kim Kardashian Look
  • Christina Aguilera Look
  • Katy Perry Hot'n'cold Look
  • Khloe Kardashian Look
  • Kate Hudson Look
  • Valentine's Day Look

  • Clubbing (Night Out) Look
So... I know there's a lot there but I hope to get through these quite swiftly :) So anything from my list or not on my list that you'd like me to so asap let me know.

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. ooh i'd love to see pics of makeup storage! :D its always nice to see how others organize their stuff..

  2. Oh cool :) I will get that up asap :) Thanks for the comments :) Mine is probably like everyone elses but I'll still post it so you can have a look :)

  3. Deffo the makeup storage I love seeing those! x

  4. I also like a make up! :) haha if i had not a make up i don't know how to do! haha! i like it this blog, i'm going to follow you! kiss :)
    (I dont have a good english sorry )

  5. Aww thank you all for the comments :) working on my make-up storage post now YAY :)

    @ Ash: I love seeing other peoples makeup storage 2! :P haha.
    @ Ann: I understand :) thank you for following my blog. Me 2!


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