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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

♥ Style Icon 1: Pixie Lott ♥

I ♥ Pixie Lott

I have loved Pixie's music since first hearing her first single "Mama Do" - amazing! She is stunning, with gorgeous locks and her makeup is always flawless. Onto the outfits... :) Love 'em! Pixie has a very boho-glam style and its gorgeous. Suits her well.

Outfit 1 - I love this outfit! It is my all time favorite. Its so casual meets able to wear to the pub with friends :) I love how she contrasts the black and white and doesn't overload with one color! :) Its so cute and suits her so well.
Outfit 2 - I love this outfit! GORGEOUS! I would so wear this clubbing if I had legs like those :) Her makeup is amazing and I LOVE her hair :D Grrr... jealousy!

Image 3 - I love the fit of this dress, the accessories match well and I love how cute dressy up this is... its not over the top glam... its just right :)

Outfit 4 - I'm not a fan of these shoes bu everything else is so stylish. I love the headband, the style matches the outfit well :) And she has accessorized this well. [Her makeup is savage too].

Image 5 - This outfit is gorgeous. Pixie can pull off any look :) This outfit is definitely something I'd wear [with that body]. I love the shorts, this outfit match's well and her overall look is fab!

Lots of Love xoxo

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  1. Yay Pixie Lott love! I'm doing a post on her later day. I just want her wardrobe so much!


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