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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A piece of LUSHBLUSH21 in..... February

Hey Everyone :)

I like....
  • Mighty munch crisps! ha! Random moment.
  • Barry M's lip paints, their so creamy.
  • February - its my boyfriends 22nd birthday on the 4th, I have a 21st party on the 20th, I went to a Ball on the 4th, its valentines month :)
  • Valentines day!
I don't like....
  • my lack of effort to lose the weight I put on over the holidays and during my leaving cert year!!
  • My phone, LG KS360, its querty keys is very annoying.
  • My lack of money :(
  • My ability to put bronzer on ALL wrong!
  • headaches... very annoying
I want you to know....
  • I am having bloggers block :( I can't think of anything to blog about! (even though I have a list of things to do haha)
  • I can't do make-up properly today! :(
  • I am planning to do a make-up course in makeupfabilicious in Dublin!
  • I have a very cluttered bedroom and NO amount of organisation technique could help!
  • I have a lovely valentines day planned for me and my boyfriend :D
I've planned....
  • to study for my college exams starting this month!
  • to eat a healthier diet!
  • to buy a few new products in the next few weeks, but don't want to say yet in case I don't get what I want :)
I want to say something special....

My brother is such a young gentleman! He's 16 and is so sweet and funny! He's crazy and gets on well with my boyfriend which means a lot to me :) Love You Ferg and bro :P

Lots of Love xoxo


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