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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Naughty Blogger Award!!

Hey Everyone :)

YAY, I've been tagged! :) The person who tagged me was Niki. For those who I've tagged, they must complete the questions below, tag 5 bloggers and leave a link to their post in the comments below to recieve their award! :) Not hard at all... so here I go:

Do you have any piercings?
Yes, my ears twice when I was younger, once now, and my tongue.

Do you have any tattoos?
No, but would like one or two someday.

Have you ever told anyone they were fat?
Yes, but not in a serious way.

Have you ever told anyone you loved them but didn't mean it?
No, I wouldn't throw that word around lightly.

Have you ever done a hit and run? E.g. scratching the car beside you and driving off.
No, never. I don't drive (yet!)

Have you ever lied for financial gain?
Em.... if it involves taking money from my parents then yes!

Have you ever stalked anyone? E.g. Lurking on Facebook.
I was such a bebo stalker haha. But its harder on Facebook!

Have you ever started liking a guy/girl because your BFF told you they fancied them?
No, but if I say I like someone it always ends up that they like one of my hotter friends! :(

Have you ever dated your friends ex behind their back?
Never! That's cruel! Plus we have different types in boyfriend material!

Have you ever stolen?
Yes, but not from a shop! Just from family when I was young...e.g. my sisters clothes.

Have you ever blackmailed anyone?
Yes, my little brother.... the good times when he was young and innocent! haha

Have you ever bribed someone to have your way?
Just my boyfriend haha

Have you ever cheated on anyone?
Nope! Never!

Have you ever cheated in school?
Ya, a lot haha. Not in serious occasions though!

Ever had a one-night stand?
Nope, I don't think I ever would either!

Are you a member of the mile-high club?
No, but I'm thinking of joining ;)

Have you ever done it in public?
Nope, not yet :D

Have you ever stood someone up on a date?
No, I've changed date plans but never stand them up. Thats cruel!

Have you ever lied on a job interview/resume?
Yes, doesnt everyone?

Have you ever logged into or looked at a girlfriend/boyfriends facebook/emails to see if they were talking about you?
Funny thing about this is I actually manage my boyfriend FB account, he doesnt have time to go on it a lot so I run his farm on farmville and his pet in petville! But apart from that he does the rest! And I check his mail and let him know he's got an email!! But I don't read the mail or check up on him!

Have you ever been in a physical confrontation?
A few close encounters but nope!

Have you 'experienced' or smoked anything other than a cigarette?
No, I don't smoke!

Have you ever made a small kid cry by harrassing them?
When I was younger my mom babysat these kids and my neighbour/friend harrassed the child and made her cry and I did nothing about it! :(

Have you ever used your work computer for non-professional purposes?
No, but I always try to get onto facebook at college but the computers have
a system to block-out social websites. Lucky for me I can still get onto blogspot :)

The tagging bit.... I tag....

Make-up Princess
Makeup by Ash
Makeup before Coffee

Btw If you don't want to answer some of the questions to make up an answer of say no, or say something cheeky! If anyone wants to do this TAG feel free... just leave a link in the comments :)

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. Hey hun, thanks so much for completing the questionaire. The award pic is up on my post now, so you can copy and paste it and pass it on. http://nikiinwonderland.blogspot.com/2010/02/naughty-blogger-award.html

    Sorry if maybe some of the questions were to personal or private. I took out some of those questions, you can change yours if your like. THanks again!

  2. ahhh thank you thank you, will be doing this soon!

  3. @ Niki: Ah no questions were grand :) I didn'tmind answering them! :)

    @ Crystal: No prob :) You have a great blog!

    @Streetlighteyes: Thanks for following me... now i've reached 30:D YAY!

  4. Love how you said 'not yet' hehe ;)

  5. @ Tali: haha thanks :P Just being overly honest!! :D

    @ Chloe: Your welcome :)

  6. @ Tali: haha thanks :P Just being overly honest!! :D

    @ Chloe: Your welcome :)


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