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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Make-up Storage!!

Hey Everyone :)

This is my make-up collection. You can see the storage set-up and whats in my drawers. I won't be listing whats in all the drawers because that would take a crazy long amount of time. The brands I have are Rimmel, Benefit, Maybelline, 17, Barry M, Gosh and others.

Overall Storage set-up - I have sunglasses on top of the bigger drawers, nail varnish collection on top of the smaller one. I have my palettes and brushes in silver tealight holder turned brush holder.
This is the bigger drawer set. It has my eyeshadows, foundations, lipgloss/lipsticks and "face" meaning primer, concealer etc.

This is whats in my eyeshadow drawer.

This is my foundation collection (if you can call it that).
This is my lipstick/gloss collection! Its crazy!
This is the "Face" drawer - it has highlighter, primer and concealer.
This is my accessories drawer. It has conpact mirrors, lash curlers, tweezers etc.

This is my Blush drawer - it has my blushs and bronzer!
This is my lash drawer!! - it has my fake eyelashes, spare glue and little testers of make-up/perfume.
This is where my palettes are - This is my urban decay one poking out hehe.
This is my brush holder - its a tealight holder I got in Dunnes for €5! Its very handy and pretty!
This is a make-up case I got for Christmas - atm its holding my other make-up bags (see below)
These are my other make-up bags - ther large and medium benefir make-up bags.
This is my coastal scents palette stored too.

This is where I store my Beauty products. Top: storage containers with products not used as often as others. Middle: All usually used or good products. Bottom: perumes and body sprays.

So there you have it! My not so fabulous make-up collection! I will be constantly topping it up - like I have some foundations to get rid of and others to get! (So i shall be looking at blogs for some reviews) :)

Thanks for reading my blog :)
Lots of Love xoxo


  1. I loooovee Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation :) Nice to see you all stocked up with it!

    Lovely collection!


  2. I love that rimmel foudation too :) Where did you get the drawers? x

  3. @Lorien: Its good foundation alright :) Ya, I normally use Ivory (100) but first time I accidently got 200, so now I have 2Ivorys in case I run out :)

    @Ash: Its creamy and lasts :) I got the coloured drawers in a crayola set thing a few years back from Smyths or Argos or one of those! And the bluey grey ones I got from Atlantic Homecare :)

  4. I know this an old post now but I googled 'make-up storage' and your pic came up and I am inspired! Have sent my Dad out to find some drawers to start me off! TY x

  5. @RJB thanks for the comment. I got these at a hardware store if it helps :) This is an old photo, rearranged furniture so must show u my new organisation soon :) xx


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