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Saturday, February 6, 2010

MENgagement rings! Would You?

Hey Everyone :)

I was reading Cosmo today and read an article about something that seems to be very popular atm... MENGAGMENT RINGS!!

I also just read a Marie Claire article online that MENgagment rings are hitting the shops this weekend. Its a growing trend (apparently).

I think I'm very traditional in the sense of engagement and marraige. I would prefer for the guy to do the proposing. One thing I am open about though is if we both wore engagment rings... that'd be cool and different, but I think it'd be weird if I proposed and he wore the ring. I'll leave that pressure to him :P

I actually bought my (ex) boyfriend a ring for Valentines Day last year. I spent my last bit of money left over from my Christmas job on it. I got it in Argos in Dublin and he hasn't worn it (EVER). I was going to propose in a joking way but I ended up going to Pizza Hut with my boyfriend, younger brother and his friend on Valentine's Day so I don't think a joke like that would be appropriate! It suited me fine, but if I was to propose it wouldn't be in Pizza Hut or with someone who I didn't feel it was right with! I'd want it to be by somewhere rememberable and nice!

So, long story short I wouldnt propose! haha. In the magazine article in Cosmo one reader commented that she would propose because she'd be waiting forever for him to do it. Another said whoever has the cash to get the ring first will do it.

Would you propose with a MENgagement ring?

Lots of Love


  1. I consider myself a modern kinda gal with most things to do with relationships - shared parenting and houselhold stuff etc if I were to get married! ut I'm quite old fashioned when it comes to the proposal, I'd rather he propose!

  2. This is kind of a cute idea but like most girls, I am more traditional in the sense that I would want him to propose.

  3. Thanks for commenting girls :) I'm traditional with the sense that I'd want him to propose, it'd be cute that both the guy and girl can wear a ring :) But more modern with everything else :D


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