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Friday, February 5, 2010

LUSH WishList!

Hey Everyone :)

I have been reading a lot of great blog posts about LUSH products recently. So, I decided to check out the website because I haven't checked out the store in a while. :( I bought a sugar scrub during the summer and to my idiocy I took it into the shower with me and it began to melt so immediately I took it out, then my dad saw it and threw it away thinking it was rubbish! So, I hope to back and get another one :) And my boyfriend got me the Therapy massage bar and it smells divine. And it feels lovely on my skin.

Products I'm LUSTing for are:
This is the Sugar Babe scrub. I used one before and there amazing. I love the result. It cost about €4.50 i think. The sugar feels lovely and works well :)
This is the massage bar tin. I have a massge bar but I have no where solid and proper to store it so I want to get this tin so I can store it and take it places with me e.g. weekend away. :)

This is the NEW bubblegum lip scrub. I have a lip exfoliator scrub but would really like to try out some more natural LUSH lip scrub :)
Can't wait to stock up on my LUSH collection :)

Lots of Love

All product pictures were obtained from http://www.lush.co.uk/ and the logo picture was found at http://www.google.ie/.

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