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Sunday, February 14, 2010

In & Out: February


  • Nude colours - I'm loving everything nude! Clothes, lip colour, shoes..... everything! :)
  • My Hair - Since discovering how to do a quiff in my hair, every chance I get I do it... my family dinner out for my nan's birthday, nights out... I'm just loving how nice and classy it looks.
  • Love - I'm loving love. I'm loving everyone being happy and enjoying life. I'm loving my love life. I'm so smitten :) I know, I know ye so don't wanna know haha!!

  • Primark - I'm loving the shoes and accessories they have at the moment, there so cute!I want them all! Like the floral headbands, bags, high heels and uggs and long necklaces.


  • Assignments - I have like 5 assignments to do in the next few weeks :( And there all long and difficult and need a lot of attention and work. I am not liking it. And the fact that the deadlines are in the next few weeks makes me kind of put them off a bit!!

  • Weather - I live in Ireland so what can I expect but I hate the way it rains and then gets really cold and frosty :( Its not good for my skin! Or my sanity haha.

  • Lack of Money - I hate not having money... I don't get to buy lots of make-up and clothes like I want... And lack of job = boredom :( Not good... I hate being bored! Same as all I'd say!
Lots of Love xoxo

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