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Friday, February 12, 2010

Products I want to try: Foundations

Hey Everyone :)

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

I would love to try this foundation. I prefer foundation in this type of packaging. I don't really like the compacts. I have tried them in the past and the amount of product I wasted on those sponges was unreal! So back to this, I want to try this foundation because it seems that it'd be good - giving an even coverage and light feel.

Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Foundation
I have tested this foundation on my hand in Boots. It is so cool! Haha. It goes from looking like moisturiser, a white liquid, into foundation looking liquid. It is amazing. My friend, Salome, tried it and it matched her skin really well, blended amazing and looks very natural. I can't wait to invest in my own one!
Watch this space ;)

L'oreal Roll On True Match Foundation

I know I said I don't like compact foundation but I am so intrigues by this one! Come on ladies... Its a roll on applicator! :P I just don't get how you could roll on foundation easily! AND this is taking the phrase "make-up painted on" to a whole new level! hahaha. I've tried some of true match foundations before and I'm not sure if they worked for me.
UPCOMING: I went shopping today and will be putting up a haul soon :) I got some CUTE stuff :D

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. i LOVE the first - dream satin liquid. I think its really good- with a primer potion :)

    I really like th consistency of the roll on but found myself applying it with a brush rather than the roller- it was pretty uneven tbh


  2. I reallly want to try that foundation! like so bad!


  3. Thanks Laura Jaye, I will definately try the satin one, do u recommend I stay away from the roll-on one?

    @ Lauren: Which one do you want to try? :)

  4. hi kathy, i have both the maybelline and loreal foundations. i absolutely loveee the maybelline dream satin liquid foundation. it feels light, and gives good coverage.
    i was like you and interested in buying the roll on l'oreal one. i only have tried it once, and i didnt like it. i ended up using a brush because the roll on was too difficult.
    hope that helps.

  5. @ Jessica(jerrys lane): thanks for commenting :) I think the maybelline dream satin liquid is definately top of the list to get :)

    I am thinking of staying away from the roll on now, thanks for the help girls :)


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