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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I want.....: February

Hey Everyone :)
I have been thinking of what to write on here... And I thought why not write about things that I REALLY REALLY want! I have been wanting some of these for years... but because of the fact that they cost a lot or because they aren't available in Ireland :(
Juicy Couture Bag:
I have been wanting a juicy couture bag for YEARS! No exageration! Its an unhealthy obsession haha. I go into brown thomas (an Irish shop) and look at the bags and really really want one. So hopefully if I get a job this summer I am definately saving my money to one when they bring out the collection :)
OPI Nail Polish:

Since watching YouTube guru's and reading blogs I have become increasingly more in love with OPI nail polishes! Anyone know if we can get them here in Ireland? I heard a rumour that you can get them in bigger Boots stores. One blog that I love checking out nail colours is Chrysanthemum. I have fallen in love with OPI Mod About You (the picture below). It is a gorgeous colour! Im in love haha.

Nars Blush in Orgasm:
I have wanted this so much lately. I'm trying to find a new blush at the moment, and so many people rave about this saying how gorgeous and great it is. But I don't think I can get Nars Cosmetics in Ireland ;( *tear.

Miss Dior Cherie Perfume:
I really want this! It is so so pretty! The perfume bottle is gorgeous and I can just imagine it smells amazing too.

Sephora LashStash:
I was seconds away from getting this for my 20th birthday :( BUT they don't deliver to Ireland so I couldn't get it :( It has some amazing mascara's in mini and its about $60 cheaper than what it would cost to get all these mascaras seperately at there normal size.

Mini Cooper:
I really really really want a mini cooper! They are so expensive so I'm going to be saving like mad when I get a full-time job. :) I really want a pink one though. I wouldn't mind getting a pink/yellow or light blue one. My boyfriend wants a red one and said he'd never be seen near me and my car if I get a yellow one haha.

New Ipod Nano:
I have an Ipod nano but the old smaller version. But the lock has stopped working so I can't turn it off, the battery keeps dying :( So I really want a new one.
A Tattoo:
I would love to get a tattoo very similar to this one! I love bow's. There so girly and cute and would love to get a simple non-colour bow.

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Lots of Love xoxo


  1. Love the Pink Mini... I want a white/baby blue Fiat 500 and people keep taking the mick out of me! xx

  2. Lol after what your boy said you do realise you now HAVE to get a yellow one! heheh xx

  3. @ Frances: OMG the fiat 500 are savage!! :)

    @ Tali: Oh i totally know :P hehe


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