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Monday, February 15, 2010

PeachPoison Jewellery

Hey Everyone :)

I have found a very unique and amazing business in the wonderful world of blogging! It is Lucy's blog peachpoison :)

This necklace is part of her range. :) Check out her blog for all things gorgeous and pretty. She explains all on her blog and you can order these gorgeous necklaces from her blog too.

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. awww thankyou kathy, i really appreciate this, your so sweet for actually putting time and effort into a blog about my jewelery :)

    thanks again, and keep up the blogposts! Your a star! :)

    PS i;d go for the first hair style on your next post, i think it would really suit you :)

  2. That necklace is so pretty, I love the purple heart, going to check out her blog now x


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