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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair: I want a change!

Hey Everyone :)
I am dying to get my hair done. In the past I have had longish hair, dark brown hair, red highlights, light brown hair, rusty colour hair, highlighted blonde hair and orange hair! So, from all the different hair styles and colours I have had I really want to get my hair done again! Its definately about time though because my roots are soooo bad! I am thinking maybe I should leave it grow long and just get a side fringe cut into it and get my highlights re-done.
A. This style and colour, with brown lowlights?
B. This colour and style?

This style with blonde highlights?

This length, with fringe and highlights?

I know this is all very different, but I want to basically know should I cut my hair short, get a fringe, leave my hair grow long or get a side-fringe?

Please please please help me! I am really stuck as to what would suit me and what I should do! I know in the end of the day its up to me but I want to have your opinion in helping me decide :)

Thank You

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. I loveeee number 3 :) I think it would look great with some blonde in it too x


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