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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Awards fashion!

Hey Everyone :)

I've put together a collection of celebrities fashion during some award shows....

Fashion Crimes............
Ke$ha - I love Ke$ha, her music is unreal but this outfit does nothing for her, the colour of the dress goes against her pale skin and blonde hair, not a good match. 4/10
Kate Hudson - This dress is gorgeous and if she had paired it with a tan, brighter coloured shows and a tan it would look way better! 0/10

Halle Berry - this dress is nice and figure hugging but the front detail is bad, also the colour of the dress isn't nice. I think an all gold dress would've been better! 6/10
Lady Gaga - where do I start with gaga, she's always got a strange dress sense but this dress is totally unflattering! I love the shoes though hehe. But the YELLOW hair and thing in her hand is all wrong! 3/10

Rihanna - this dress is gorgeous but I don't like the neck part, its a bit over the top, a low-cut white dress would have suited better. 7/10

Katy Perry - She had an indian theme going on but I'm not sure if it's quite right. Ms Perry always has some gorgeous but crazy outfits but this one isn't nice. The dress washes her out! 3/10

Leading Ladies of Glee glam it up....

These girls know how to go glam. Even though this is their first time stepping out since Glee became Big News, they still outshone some of the more famous celebs out there!

Lea Michele:

This dress is gorgeous and elegant. 9/10
This dress is gorgeous on Lea, the colour is bright and she is glowing, but I would've matched a different colour shoe..... 8/10
Elegance and beauty is the way to describe Lea at the Grammys. Even though this was her back-up dress, its gorgeous and shows off her toned legs.
Dianna Agron:

Dianna has pale skin and light hair but even with this, the dress is gorgeous on her. She looks a lot more grown up from the cheerleading uniform and maternity wear in the show! 9/10
Glam Queens.....
Christina Aguilera - I'm glad to see Xtina back in the lime light again because she disappeared after having her son. This dress is gorgeous on her and she has stuck with a bit of her quirky style. The colours are gorgeous on her too. 8/10
Miley Cyrus - This dress is a different style compaired to other dresses at the grammys. This dress is lovely and shows off her figure well. She has a punky edge to this style. 9/10

Leona Lewis - this shaped dress is very flattering for Leona but the colour with the silk finish is a little off for me. If she had a deeper purple colour it would've been a little better. 6/10

Kim Kardashian - This dress is gorgeous and flattering for Kim, it shows off her figure and the silver mixed with white really compliments her skintone and dark eyes. 10/10

Carrie Underwood - This dress is gorgeous. It has flowy and elegant but also has some modern style with the detail at the top! She matched the accessories perfectly. 10/10

Anna Paquin - This dress is lovely, and elegant and suits Anna's body shape well. Her blonde hair goes well with the gold dress and the sequins make it stand out more. 9/10

Beyonce - This dress hugs all of Beyonce's curves. It looks elegant and rich on her. 9/10

Lots of Love xoxo

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