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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fee's Giveaway

Hey Everyone :)

Fee is having a really cute giveaway on her blog, makeup and be savvy, HERE - so go check it out to be in with a chance to win!!
This will come in an exclusive asos bag which you can see on her blog :)

Lots of Love xoxo

Friday, February 26, 2010

YAY!! 50 Followers :)

Hey Everyone :)

I reached 50 followers :) I think I seee a giveaway in my blog future :) I will definitely have a giveaway in the next week :) Check back :) YAY, thank you to all for following me :) I am so so so so happy! You all made my day!! :D

Lots of Love xoxo

Thursday, February 25, 2010

♥ Hair envy!! ♥

HAIR ENVY: Pixie Lott

I love Pixie Lott's hair! The platinum blonde colour is gorgeous. The style of her hair is savage too. I WANT her hair! :) So, I recently posted what hair style and colour should I go for, and I want to say thank you so much to everyone that gave me there opinion :) I've decided on a different route! I want to get pixie's colour and I'm going to leave my hair long because I don't think I'd freak out if it was short but probably secretly love it! :) haha... strange!

I love layered hair!

Lots of Love xoxo


Hey Everyone :)

I was at my friend Alina's 18th last night and decided to take some pics before got dressed to go :) I went for a very dramatic pink and black eye! I got my friend to put lashes on me after these pics were taken!

WARNING: I am a MAJOR poser in these pictures!

I used a piec of paper to help me do a perfect wing :)

I am wearing ♥ Urban Decay's Zero (Black) ♥ Rimmel solo shadow in Hot Pink ♥Barry M's Marshmallow (101) nude lip paint ♥ Maybellines Dream Satin Liquid Foundation ♥ Benefit's 10 and Dandelion blush ♥ Rimmel Define-a-line liquid eyeliner ♥ Nails are Gasoline by GOSH ♥
Lots of Love xoxo

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

♥ Style: Boyfriend Blazers ♥

I ♥ Boyfriend Blazers!
I love boyfriend blazers. They can be dressed up, dressed down, worn any time, they are just an all round must have in every girls wardrobe I think. If you can't find a jacket to wear with an outfit grab you blazer, if you want to go dressed up casual... grab that blazer :)
Below are some examples of different styles and colours of the famous boyfriend blazer.
Do you like them?
Lots of Love xoxo

♥ Style Icon 2: Lauren Conrad ♥

I ♥ Lauren Conrad

For as long as I remember Lauren Conrad has had an amazing sense of style. Firstly on Laguna Beach and even more of The Hills. She always looks amazing, its no wonder she started her own fashion line :)

Outfit 1 - This outfit is so well pulled off... its dressed up but totally casual! I love the pop of the red with the toned down white and black! :) Fab!

Outfit 2 - I love this outfit. It is definitely something I would wear if I was going on a shopping trip or travelling :)

Outfit 3 - This outfit is so cute. I love how she looks stylish but comfortable too. Her hair is savage too...

Lots of Love xoxo

♥ Style Icon 3: Vanessa Hudgens ♥

I ♥ Vanessa Hudgens

Outfit 1 - I love Vanessa's outfit in this picture, the colour of the dress is gorgeous and really pops with her skin tone, everything about this outfit is gorgeous. Vanessa knows how to glam up or tone down an outfit! :)
Outfit 2 - Vanessa's style in this picture is lovely. Its very daytime cute dressy up casual haha. This outfit is so cute, I love the whole high skirt/tank top/big bag/wedge or sandal look :)
Outfit 3 - This outfit is definitely something I'd wear. Its very casual and cute. I love how comfy it looks and I love how she still looks stylish. Vanessa pulls off boho chick very well :)
Lots of Love xoxo

♥ Style Icon 1: Pixie Lott ♥

I ♥ Pixie Lott

I have loved Pixie's music since first hearing her first single "Mama Do" - amazing! She is stunning, with gorgeous locks and her makeup is always flawless. Onto the outfits... :) Love 'em! Pixie has a very boho-glam style and its gorgeous. Suits her well.

Outfit 1 - I love this outfit! It is my all time favorite. Its so casual meets able to wear to the pub with friends :) I love how she contrasts the black and white and doesn't overload with one color! :) Its so cute and suits her so well.
Outfit 2 - I love this outfit! GORGEOUS! I would so wear this clubbing if I had legs like those :) Her makeup is amazing and I LOVE her hair :D Grrr... jealousy!

Image 3 - I love the fit of this dress, the accessories match well and I love how cute dressy up this is... its not over the top glam... its just right :)

Outfit 4 - I'm not a fan of these shoes bu everything else is so stylish. I love the headband, the style matches the outfit well :) And she has accessorized this well. [Her makeup is savage too].

Image 5 - This outfit is gorgeous. Pixie can pull off any look :) This outfit is definitely something I'd wear [with that body]. I love the shorts, this outfit match's well and her overall look is fab!

Lots of Love xoxo

Monday, February 22, 2010


Hey Everyone :)
I was at my friend Rose's 21st party on Saturday night. It was a good laugh. We started off at Flannerys where her family and friends were and then we went to the Bailey after and it was some laugh :) Dancing and drinking, how could it not be fun :D Here are some pictures (ignore my hair :( )

This is the birthday girl, Rose, the gorgeous Salome, The tipsy looking non-drinker Michael and me!
This is a small group of the birthday girls friends (me - 2nd from right)
This is me and Michael
This is me and Salome

Me and Maryclare (bday girls lil sister :))

Lots of Love xoxo

Update :) How well do you know me :)

Hey Everyone :)

So I was reading Lorraine's Blog. And I decided to let my lovely followers know a little more about me :)

My name is Kathy (for those of you that don't know). I am 5 weeks away from finishing my Reception and Customer Care course. I want to go on and do some beauty course... nail technician and beauty therapy/specialist.
I am a perfectionist - from college assignments to keeping things organised... I'm a FREAK! I freak out if my boyfriend doesnt hang his coat on the hanger on the door, or if he puts something out of place... or if I can't find stuff. (I'm the worst for finding things too!)
I love makeup! :) DUH haha. I love all those expensive brands and can never afford to buy them haha. But I love getting all dolled up for nights out!
I creep myself out when I'm alone! haha. If I hear a noise or think I see someone/thing I freak out! I just freeze for like 10 minutes and then carry on with whatever I'm doing.
I have a lovely boyfriend of nearly 4 years! I love him to bits! We met a week before we started going out and I love him to bits since them. I am definately on cloud 9 with this one :D tehe. He's funny, kind, great and is always taking care of me! :)
I love going clubbing, drinking and dancing! Kinda a party girl... when I have the money and friends that want to go out :)
I love horrors and chick flicks! :) I always block my eyes when watching horrors though. I also enjoy a good comedy when there funny... I'm not a fan of Borat or Bruno! There just stupid funny!
I am OBSESSED with Pixie Lott! I want her hair! She is stunning, has an amazing voice and a gorgeous body! If only I had her body and hair! :(

I used to collect stamps when I was younger because my sister started and I got jealous haha... I was about 6. :P
I have an older sister and a younger brother.
I LOVE pink roses and giraffes! And I am addicted to my GHD (I am currently using the purple one my bf got me :))
I miss my nan - she passed away kind of suddenly in January 2008, and its still raw thinking about it.
I went deaf when I was 5/6 for about 10 minutes (as far as I remember). I had gromits and sensitive ears since I was born and one day I ran out into the front garden and suddenly couldn't hear. It scared the bejahsus out of me! But alls fairly much good now :) YAY!
Well anything else you'd like to know let me know :) Any questions post in the comments below :) Thanks x
Lots of Love xoxo

UPDATE - No longer with this boyfriend aka ex!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines Day Movie

I loved this movie. I am definitely getting on DVD. There is a great cast, some of them play a roll different to what your used to seeing, like Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Emma Roberts and Jessica Alba. The highlight of this movie for me was the twist at the end. I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I won't say. And the highlight of my boyfriends viewing was Jessica Alba. What is it with men and Jessica Alba/Eva Mendes?! haha
Lots of Love xoxo

Maybelline Haul + FOTD

Hey Everyone :)

I finally got the highly coveted Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation :) YAY! I can't wait to try it out tomorrow... I will review all my buys soon (gotta get a bit of wear out of them first) :) I also got Maybelline Extreme Moisture Lip Liner in Red Glamour (56). I got Maybelline's Falsie's Volum' Express Mascara.

haha I just realised that everything I bought is Maybelline!! Well not in the picture but I also bought Carmex lip balm and some little things for my blog giveaway I hope to have if I reach 50 followers :)


I went to the cinema to see Valentines Day with my boyfriend. This is the make-up I wore, very simple and natural (ish) :)

Lots of Love xoxo

Haul + NOTD

Hey Everyone :)

I was looking online and found 2 nail varnishes from GOSH that I really wanted - Gasoline (541) and Ocean (540).

I haven't tried the Ocean one yet, but here is my swatch of Gasoline. It is a gorgeous colour with glitter (YAY!). I haven't had a nail varnish with glitter in it in quite a while. I normally go for matte or shiny colours. But this is a new top of my list favorite! :)

Watch out for an upcoming swatch of Ocean :)
Lots of Love xoxo


Hey Everyone :)

I was heading out with some friends I hadn't seen since before Christmas. I wanted to do something light and natural. I decided on wearing brown on my eyes and pink lip balm :)

This is a picture of what I wore and for eyeshadow I wore Urban Decays Underground - Its a brown shadow with subtle glitter.

Hope you liked it :)

Lots of Love xoxo

NOTD - Monday 15 February

Hey Everyone :)

I got inspired to try some nail art but since I didnt have artsy nail polish brushes and my left hand can barely paint my nail let alone draw a heart! So I know its a bit late for valentines and all but I just wanted to do something with my nails because I was sick of pink!! haha

Lots of Love xoxo

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reviews - Nicole (NV Blog) Giveaway Entry!

This is my entry for Nicole's Nars Giveaway! :)

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation:
I bought this foundation thinking it would give me amazing coverage and look flawlessly natural! But no... I was wrong :(

This foundation came out pasty, dry looking and just looked really BAD! :( I was very disappointed. U had put on Gosh face primer before putting this on, but it didnt come out even or any where near nice.

I would recommend that others try but if you are a person who has dry skin and has to moisturize all the time then I definately wouldn't go for this... maybe try Mayebellines Dream Satin Liquid Foundation :)

This is Nicoles Review HERE.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion:
Many people are sick of hearing reviews on this but ya know what it works! Its the best eye primer I have used. I am currently using Too Faced Eye Primer because I wanted to see the difference but I am going to use it until its gone because I don't want to waste it.

I tried UDPP when I got a mini version with my UD pallete and I was shocked at how good it was. It really does last longer than Too Faced, dont get me wrong though Too Faced Cosmetics have some amazing products but with the eye primer I prefer Urban Decays.

I am definately going to splash out for the big primer once I finish the too faced one :)

This is Nicole's review HERE.
Lots of Love xoxo

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Mi Gosh........


This is a pink Fiat 500! (Frances commented on my previous post so I went to see what car she was talking about and I found this!!) WOW, WOW, WOW... how amazing is this car! They used this car in the Barbie Birthday Party Event!! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I want.....: February

Hey Everyone :)
I have been thinking of what to write on here... And I thought why not write about things that I REALLY REALLY want! I have been wanting some of these for years... but because of the fact that they cost a lot or because they aren't available in Ireland :(
Juicy Couture Bag:
I have been wanting a juicy couture bag for YEARS! No exageration! Its an unhealthy obsession haha. I go into brown thomas (an Irish shop) and look at the bags and really really want one. So hopefully if I get a job this summer I am definately saving my money to one when they bring out the collection :)
OPI Nail Polish:

Since watching YouTube guru's and reading blogs I have become increasingly more in love with OPI nail polishes! Anyone know if we can get them here in Ireland? I heard a rumour that you can get them in bigger Boots stores. One blog that I love checking out nail colours is Chrysanthemum. I have fallen in love with OPI Mod About You (the picture below). It is a gorgeous colour! Im in love haha.

Nars Blush in Orgasm:
I have wanted this so much lately. I'm trying to find a new blush at the moment, and so many people rave about this saying how gorgeous and great it is. But I don't think I can get Nars Cosmetics in Ireland ;( *tear.

Miss Dior Cherie Perfume:
I really want this! It is so so pretty! The perfume bottle is gorgeous and I can just imagine it smells amazing too.

Sephora LashStash:
I was seconds away from getting this for my 20th birthday :( BUT they don't deliver to Ireland so I couldn't get it :( It has some amazing mascara's in mini and its about $60 cheaper than what it would cost to get all these mascaras seperately at there normal size.

Mini Cooper:
I really really really want a mini cooper! They are so expensive so I'm going to be saving like mad when I get a full-time job. :) I really want a pink one though. I wouldn't mind getting a pink/yellow or light blue one. My boyfriend wants a red one and said he'd never be seen near me and my car if I get a yellow one haha.

New Ipod Nano:
I have an Ipod nano but the old smaller version. But the lock has stopped working so I can't turn it off, the battery keeps dying :( So I really want a new one.
A Tattoo:
I would love to get a tattoo very similar to this one! I love bow's. There so girly and cute and would love to get a simple non-colour bow.

If you like this post you too can do a "I want" tag too :)

Lots of Love xoxo