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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Make-up Look: Silver and Turquise

Hey Everyone :)

Its definately about time that I post a make-up look! I used rimmel silver eyeshadow, urban decay's peace, my rimmel foundation, maybeline define a line liquid eyeliner and maybelines collossal mascara.

This is the liquid eyeliner with a little wing at the side.

This is my look, half silver on the inner eye and half turquise on the outter part of my eye. My eyelashes are very straight here but thats because my eyes are kind of swollen again atm.
My eyelashes are dead straight here ahhh! But the mascara used is not to blame haha. I really like this look. Love turquise. Not sure about it on me because I have blue eyes?!

Its ME! I love the colours I used on my eyes. But I'm starting to not like my foundation, its not very good coverage wise. I'll have a look around for better alternatives. :)

Lots of Love xoxo

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