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Monday, January 11, 2010

Make-up Look: Purple Smokey

Hey Everyone :)

I know it's about time I posted this... I used my coastal scents palette, rimmel silver eyeshadow and rimmel white eyshadow. I also used maybelline define-a-line liquid eyeliner and maybellines Colossal mascara. I think I look like I have a bruised eye but sure it could be played down a bit and done really nicely. I must try a less dramatic version of this look.
It looks gorgeous on the model on the right.

Hope you like my look :)

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. OMG - I love this look. Amazing!!!


  2. Hey, thanks for following my blog! Great motivation for me to post more frequently. I like to follow my subscribers, so I've followed you back :)

  3. Blogwalking greetings from INDONESIA to your side of world! Take care!
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    okay,love you ;)

  4. @ Chels: Thanks Chels, I'm the same hehe. I love people following me :)

    @ Fasha: thanks for the random comment :)

  5. Ps. I think maybe using some false lashes wouldve toned it down a bit? I knwo that adding falsies would seem like making it more dramatic, but its like bold eyeshadow, bold lashes!


  6. Thanks Lorien...I knew there was something strange about this look... I didnt use falsies :(
    Thanks for the tip 2... bold eyeshadow = bold lashes! Makes sense :)


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