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Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Happy New Year!!
It's a new year! 2010 is upon us! Who else is going to make the most of it? Time goes by so fast! I'll be 21 this year, its my 4 year anniversary with my boyfriend, I'm finishing a course and maybe starting a new one... lots of growing and changing.
As the clock striked midnight this new years I was celebrating with my boyfriend and his family. We were watching RTE to see what way the world was celebrating but they didnt have the show on this year so we watched movies. And once midnight came we sang that song everyone sings? And we broke bread on the door, and got some money as a ritual of money being good for the year.
So on the 1st official day of the new year I was thinking what did I do that was worth remembering in 2009, and what did I do that would make other people remember me in 2009, I coudnt think of anything good enough! What did i do worth remembering... Well I came up with I went to Oxegen for the first time, I went to some crazy partys and had one of the best summers of my life! And what did I do that would make other people remember me in 2009... I honestly have no clue. Well something good that came out of last year was I started this blog. :)
Whats going to change for me in this coming year? Well I plan to stay organised, my room tidy-er than I have been keeping it, I plan to try to get a job and do well in college with assignments and my exams. Also, I plan to lose weight. I haven't told anyone only my younger brother and boyfriend this but I have signed up for the X Factor! But I'm freaking out about it now so I'm thinking WHAT WAS I THINKING? But when I was filling in the application I was thinking why not? So I'm going to try to be more confident and outgoing! But I hope to lose weight for myself and so I can feel more confident if I do go for the audition!
So it being a new year some advise that everyine has probably told you... I hope you make the most of this year, do things you would have thought of never doing before, don't hold back and you won't have any regrets. Go for it.
Lots of Love xoxo

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