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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The X Factor: Live Show 9

Hey Everyone :)

Its the SEMI-FINAL!! Its MICHAEL JACKSON/RANDOM week. OMG so nerve wracking! Its down to four acts now. Each act has to perform 2 songs. In the first round they have to sing a Michael Jackson song. In round 2 they get to sing a song of there choice.
So here we go... Round 1:
Olly Murs is first up tonight singing Can You Feel It. He started off kind of dodgy with the low singing, but he is singing amazingly. He pulled everything out of the bag tonight. This is make or break point. He, in my opinion, is definately in the final next week! Louis said he's amazing and did very well, Dannii said that was fantastic and he has the whole package, Cheryl said hes an entertainer and hopes he's in the final, Simon said he was confident and hes got the presence of a star.
Joe McElderry is singing She's Out Of My Life. He is such an amzing singer, his voice will definately carry him far, if he doesnt win he would definately get a contract. He's in the final, he's amazing. Louis said he's the most consistant in the comp, Dannii said he clocked up a superb performance, Simon said he's getting better and better and its one of the best versions of that song hes ever heard, Cheryl said it was pationate and emotional and he's amazing and she's very proud.

Stacey Soloman is singing The Way You Make Me Feel. Uh-Oh she started off VERY weak!! She should've got a better song! She could be gone this week :( NOOOOOOOOO!! She did a great performance though, she walked along chairs. Louis said he wasnt crazy about the song, Cheryl thought it was fantastic and shes a yummy mummy and she enjoyed it, Simon said it wasnt her and gimmicky and silly. Dannii said they did everything the judges wanted and shes explaining the movement and the change.

Danyl Johnson up last in Round 1 singing Man In The Mirror. That song is one of MJ's most famous and I don't think he did it justice. Dannii and Louis didnt really like it they sais the background was too distracting. Cheryl liked it and Simon said he was amazing.

Round 2:

Olly Murs singing We Can Work It Out by Stevie Wonder. He is amazing. He's got the vocals and he deserves a place in the final. He's missing his twin brothers wedding to be in the show tonight. Louis doesnt know if he'll get into the final, Cheryl and Dannii think hes great and want people to vote for him and Simon said he deserves to be in the final.

Joe McElderry singing Open Arms by Journey. He is amazing, he WILL be in the final, no doubt!! He is truelly amazing. He has such an easy listening voice. He will have a number one with his first song release. Dannii said he has got to be in the final. Simon said Cheryl made the right song choice and he is amazing, and he deserves to be in the final. And Cheryl said he is amazing and he is consistant. And Simon offered Joe's nan a job on noe of his shows haha.

Stacey Soloman singing Somewhere from West Side Story. She definately sounds much better in Round 2. She is "The Voice". Cheryl said she got goosebumps, Louis loved it, Simon said she's back in the game, Dannii said she's amazing and her performance was world class.
Danyl Johnson singing I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. I just don't think he has a very listenable voice. Louis said he is amazing and has a great voice and he wants people to vote. Dannii said it was good but she didnt like it as much as round 1, Cheryl said hes shaking but liked it. Simon said he hasnt had fare criticism and deserves a place in the final. I just think he's 100% FAKE!!! And he's got a WEIRD wrinkly smile!
This brings me back to when Diana Vickers my favourite of 2008's X Factor was voted off in last years Semi-Final. Wouldn't it be lousy if Olly and Stacey were in the bottom 2? I think it could be Stacey and Danyl. In either case I really want Stacey to make it to the final!

Lots of Love xoxo

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