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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hey Everyone :)

I have totally not done any beauty blogging in so long!! I'm so so sorry to all!! I have been busy with college, I am on work placement at the moment working in the HSE southern building in cork for 2 weeks. Also I have the flu since tuesday which totally SUCKS :( I promise I will do lots of blogging this weekend! I will do all my colour tags (orange and black), I will do the purple eye make-up look, I will do 2 new full face looks, I will tell you how I dyed my hair from brown to blonde! (As seen in the picture) and I will do an x factor update!

Oh and a movie review based on Law Abiding Citizen. I saw it on monday November 30th.

Oh AND I got to do all the Lucie Jones from the X Factor looks! Any other requests girls? Let me know! I really enjoy reading your comments and knowing what ye want to see! :)

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. the flu!?! ayyy yi yi i had that last year and it was AWFUL! hope you feel 100% better REAL SOON!
    also, you dont have to do black for your color tag, you can choose whichever color you like! :)
    and i heard Law Abiding Citizen was amazing! interested to see what you think, i always trust your reviews lol!
    and how are you liking the blonde hair?!
    see what happens when you're away from your blog for too long!? you get a million and one questions because we have so much to catch up on! lol xx

  2. Aww thank you for your comment Chelsea, you are so cute! Ya just the flu not the swine flu thank god! Uch it sucks, I passed it onto my family too so we're all pretty down. Air ah black won't be too bad 2 do its the orange I'm struggling with hehe. Review will be up tomorrow :) I am actaully considering dying it back brown but darker than what I had before I went blonde, its still very brassy and it will be VERY hard to maintain! :( Ya I thought my followers may have forgotten about my blog :( But I'm back and its all good :D


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