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Monday, December 21, 2009

A Piece of LUSHBLUSH21 in... December

Hey Everyone :)

I like...
Christmas time. Its my favourite time of year. Its great shopping, seeing the lights, spending time with family, presents, visiting family, spending time with loved ones, putting up the christmas tree and all the decorations and looking at all the houses lit up!

I don't like...
spending loads of money... money is spent on cards and presents and I don't have loads of money to go out drinking and out for meals with friends, and all the presents. I also hate thinking about all the people out there alone for christmas.

I want you to know...
That I wish everyone a merry christmas and 2010 blogging will be much more frequent and better! I will have my own camera and laptop to work from. YAY!

I've planned...
a christmas dinner for me and my girlfriends to have dinner and exchange secret santa gifts. I have also planned for my boyfriends family to come to my house christmas eve for dinner and some socialising. Also I have planned to relax and enjoy christmas day. And I am currently thinking up some new years resolutions that I can stick to!

I want to say to someone special...
I love you very much and I hope you enjoy christmas with your nearest and dearest for many years to come. Love you bean xoxo

Lots of Love xoxo

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