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Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hey Everyone :)

Ok so this is my clothes wish list... I know alot of them are River Island so far so I'm going to turn this into my wish list from River Island.
block colour tulip top
ruched pencil skirt
RI knit beanie
panda beanie hat

tweed quilted shopper

I think all these items are so cute, theres a lot more I love but these are the items I'd get first. A new larger River Island opened last tuesday and I LOVE IT!! It's nicely layed out and it has more products than the old shop.

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. ohhh i'd love a River Island in America! these are all so cute!

  2. Aww ya it'd be brill if you could! Well if your ever in England or Ireland they have them. :) I checked the website and they don't deliver outside england which is a shame.
    Same with Sephora they only deliver to america and for my birthday I was so close to checking out but they dont deliver here :(


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