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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The X Factor: Live Show 8

Hey Everyone :)

This week was ELTON JOHN/TAKE THAT week. Each contestant had to sing one of Elton John's songs and one of Take That's songs. They began with Take That. So starting off...

Round 1, Take That:

Danyl Johnson sang Relight My Fire. It was his chance to prove he could be an all round performer and he did a shocking job, I don't care what the judges said because he looked camp, stupid, like a kid hopping around to some dance music... it was totally daft. I know I don't like him but it was a load of cr*p! He was VERY cocky AGAIN at the end of the song.

Lloyd Daniels was up next singing Million Love Songs. His voice was partly weak and he didnt seem confident singing the high parts of the song. He was quite weak for the first song.

Olly Murs was up next with a ballad, he sang Love Ain't Here Anymore. He was great and sang it well. It showed a new side of Olly, he didnt do any quirky dancing it was just all raw and fresh, all singing.

Joe McElderry up singing his version of Could It Be Magic. He was amazing and definatlely was king of the show again this week. He had all 4 judges standing to applaud him.

Stacey Solomon was last up this round singing Rule The World. She did an amzing performance, dang her heart out and she had an amzing stage presence.

Round 2, Elton John:

Lloyd Daniels was first up in round 1 singing I'm Still Standing. I thought it was brilliant. He was kind of smuggly rubbing it in Louis (Walsh) face that he was still there despite the bad comments.

Danyl Johnson was second up going back to ballads singing Your Song. He still sounds too nazzaled to be a proper singer. I don't know why nobody else gets it! I think he should be gone before the finals. His performance was ok.

Olly Murs did his version of Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting). It was lively and upbeat. It was very well done. He was happy and moving around, sang the song very well.

Joe McElderry stole the show again this round with Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. He sang this to Cheryl during the Judge's house audition process. It was amazingly done. He sounded 100,000 times better than when he first started on the show. His vocals are amazing.

Stacey Solomon was last up again this round singing Something About The Way You Look Tonight. This was sang beautifully by Stacey. She began laying on a piano in a gorgeous pink dress and then moved onto the front of the stage. She sang it well. Stacey deserves to be in the final.

On the results show to sing is Alicia Keys and Rihanna.

Lots of Love xoxo

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