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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The X Factor: Live Show 7

Hey Everyone :)

This week theres only 6 contestants left and its GEORGE MICHAEL/WHAM week! This should be a good week for the contestants... change things up a bit from what they'd know and be comfortable with.

Lloyd Daniels is singing Faith. He did very well, its a pop week and he fits well with it, his vocals are very good and this week was very goo for him. He got a hair cut! Dannii said he was fantastic this week. Louis said he got hair cut and new image but doesnt like the vocals. Simon said that wasn't bad at all and he looks a lot better and more believable. He's stepped up in a week. Cheryl said he's turning into a little man and his best comfortble performance.

Stacey Soloman is second up tonight singing I Can't Make You Love Me. She was amazing and she hit every note perfect. Louis said she has star quality, Cheryl said she can win she just has to believe and Simon said she's genuinely nice and not as good as last week, Dannii said she had such an elegant performance.

John and Edward singing I'm Your Man. Tha backing vocals were a bit strange and as usual they rappped, Dannii won't be too happy. They had "choose life" t-shirts on this week. They didnt really do much singing this week, I'm not sure how the judges will react... Dannii's confused singing in tune but rapping out of time, Simon doesn't like the confusion of the singing dancing and rapping all at once, Louis loves it as usual, I think it was about time that Edward got a chance to talk after the performance.

Danyl Johnson, Mr sing a long note at the end of every performance AND on the final 12 charity single, singing Careless Whisper. I don't like him at all, he sings like one big nasal fool. Does nobody else hear it? He doesnt perform he just does ballads, even ballad singers like Michael Buble sing properly and dance and move around. Dannii thinks Simon chose the right song and the song was sung perfectly. Louis thinks he's trying too hard. Cheryl said parts were flat and singing was exposed.

Olly Murs is up now singing Fast Love. He's going to b more sexy and current... according to him. He did a really good job this week. He sounded more up to date. Dannii said he was polished and rocked the audience, Louis said he loved everything about it, Cheryl liked it and Simon said he enoyed it and it was very good, I agree.

Joe McElderry is singing Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. He's definately got the voice to win the competition. Cherly is behind him all the way because there from the same area. He sang that really well. All t judges clapped standing up this week. Dannii said that was exceptional and honesty to his voice, Louis said best performance of the night and Cheryl broke the rules?!, Cheryl said he was amazing and stole the show, Simon said he nailed the song.

Thats it for tonights performance. Who's going to go?

UPDATE: About time.... John and Edward have left the X Factor building... at least now we can get on with the real contestants!!
Lots of Love xoxo

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