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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The X Factor: Live Show 6

Hey Everyone :)

It's this time of week again! This week is QUEEN week. Each of the 7 contestants has to sing a Queen song!

At the beginning of the week Simon was asked to explain himself on the show because of Lucie being voted off last week... he said Sting said that it was a karaoke show and Simon invited him on the show! The contestants met 2 Queen members, Brian and Roger, and sang there song choice of the week to them.

Jamie "Afro" Archer was first on the stage tonight, he sang Radio Ga Ga. He was an entertainer tonight more than a singer. This was very rocky again this week but he wasn't up to scratch. Louis said he's made himself vulnerable and Cheryl said she doesn't like his hair and glad he's changed his jeans!

Lloyd Daniel is the favourite to go this week according to the papers and gossip, may have changed many minds out there because he really pulled up his socks and went for it this week. He performed Crazy Little Thing Called Love. He sang better this week than ever before. Dannii and Louis both agreed that it was a good performance, Simon said he was like a puppy at the grand prix but he liked it. And Cheryl said he's really confident this week and you could see it in the performance. He did AMAZING this week! He can sing!

Olly Murs, Mr quirky dancer himself, sang Don't Stop Me Now. He broke his baby finger during the week and the judges feared it would make his performance weak but he went out there without the cast on and danced his little feet off. He did a good performance, he could have done a better job though because the song wasn't up to the standard to his voice, as in he didn't show his full ability. His quirky dances never get old, unlike 'someones' long note singing at the end of EVERY song! All the judges loved it and it was very entertaining. Keep moving those hips!

Joe McElderry has an amazing voice. He sang Somebody To Love. He will definitely get to the final if not win the show. He hit all the notes perfectly. This song is difficult and he really put the Joe stamp on it! Dannii liked it, Louis said the choir helped a bit too much and it was kind of cheating! Simon mocked Louis and went on to say Joe was better last week. Cheryl loved it and said Joe is technically the best on the show! And i missed last week when Cheryl said that Joe was like her little brother.... Aww!

John and Edward sang Under Pressure, the Vanilla Ice version... come on now Mr rule book Louis that's cheating! They did a good performance, there best so far! They sang and rapped. There was no boo's from the audience this week, which the judges liked. Whats with the shiny suits though? And Calvin Harris jumped on stage with a pineapple? WHAT! haha. Random or what!

Stacey Soloman sang I Want To Live Forever. She sounded amazing! Very powerful and her dress was gorgeous. Louis said she was incredible and really had the Diva image going on. Cheryl said her sing was stunning and sang her socks off, Dannii said she's grown into a woman overnight. She went down to Dannii and high-fived her... Aww she's so funny. Performance of the night!

Danyl Johnson sang We Are The Champions. He always sings very nasally, and this week he sounds worse! He did grand though. He is very cheeky though... Dannii said this week was his best ever and he asked her to repeat it! Louis, Cheryl and Simon all said he was good.

On the Xtra Factor Holly Willoughby gave Louis a "Rule Book", it was a fake prop but he left with it haha.

Also, people on the Xtra Factor think Lloyd should go this week and also people aren't liking Stacey! :( Noooooooo... She was my number 2 to win so I hope she makes it the finals! I hope girls everywhere save her! Because I'm in the Republic of Ireland I can't vote! (Hopefully I can audition though!)

And, would John be quiet and let Edward speak! He's very dominating!

Lots of Love xoxo

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