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Monday, November 9, 2009

The X Factor: Live Show 5 Result

Hey Everyone :)

I am not a happy person today! I was babysitting my cousins last night and as the two youngin's slept I watched the X Factor. Last night the group song was Hot'n'Cold by Katy Perry. In the bottom two singing for survival tonight was Lucie Jones and John and Edward. Can I hear a WHAT?! OMG what was Lucie doing in the bottom two? She sang amazingly last night and smiled during the performance unlike some people aka Danyl! Louis voted for the twins because he's there mentor but he thought Lucie had amazing talent and would've voted her to stay if she wasn't up against his group. Dannii voted for Lucie to stay and Cheryl voted for Lucie to stay and down to Simon to get rid of Jedward and he voted for dead lock!! So with more votes the twins got to stay and a potential winner of the show is gone! Lucie Jones was my favourite and she could have won the show. She has such an amazing voice! She is up there with Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis, Whitney Housten and Beyonce in my books. She is very talented and i hope she goes far and releases a song and carries on with her singing. I love Lucie, she is so pretty and talented and the twins should have gone before her. I was as gutted as Dannii and most of England and the world when the twins got to stay! It is unfair to have Lucie, an amazing singer go, and have John and Edward, the singing disasters and good entertainers to stay. I hope Lucie all the best and hope she goes far. I was crying and shaking I was so gutted for her last night and it was really sweet of Holly to allow her mom go on stage and give her a hug during the Xtra Factor. Lucie was having the time of her life on stage and she was really getting into her own skin and blossoming and for Simon to say she couldn't win the competition is truly unfair and she deserved to win and he just wants one of the overs to win which I think is a load of crap! Poor Stacey is now the last girl standing!
Lots of Love xoxo

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