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Saturday, November 7, 2009

The X Factor: Live Show 5

Hey Everyone :)

Its X Factor time! YAY! This week is MOVIE week. I watch it every weekend with my boyfriend, its a cosy night in! All the contestants went to the 'Christmas Carol' movie premiere and they all loved it. Lucky fudgers!

Starting the night was my X Factor Fave Stacey Soloman, she sang Son of a Preacher Man. To be honest, She could have done better but she looked and moved sexy so well done to her for that. Next up is Olly Murs doing his version of Twist and Shout. Its a good energetic song and he's working it. His dancing really brings life to the stage. Cheryl is right saying that if you haven't seen the movie 'Ferris Bewler's Day Out' then you wouldn't have a clue what the dance routine was about, I thought it was a Michael Jackson thing but I was put correctly by Fearghal (the boyfriend) who told me the dance was in the movie. Next up is Cheryl's youngest Lloyd Daniels, He's singing a more contempory version of Stand By Me from the 1986 movie. I think he did a great job for someone with a weaker voice than many of the other contestants but I think he should last a while because he is talented. Is it just me or did he dye his hair a lighter blonde this week? Jamie Archer's up now singing Crying. Its a bit of a weird song from a movie not very well known. Simon changed his song AGAIN this week, the poor man is going to have such a hard time in the next few weeks if every week Simon changes his song 24 hours before he goes live. Its not fare. And also his performance was VERY short this week! It was like a chorus sung, it was too short I think. Up next is Lucie Jones singing This is me from Camp Rock. I really like this song, its very powerful. She did an amazing job. I think it wasn't a demi lovato performance but it was a Lucie Jones performance which is brilliant. Next Danyl Johnson, singing Purple Rain. I'm SICK of him singing the long notes but he changed it and put the long note in the middle of the song instead of the end. "He looks like a monkey" quote from Fearghal haha. I don't like him, once a bully always a bully. He's cocky and playing up to the audience which I think is crap, basing on vocals, he did a good job! John and Edward "Jedward" singing Ghostbusters theme song, who'd have thought that? They did a good performance and these boys will be in many panto's in Ireland some day. (Today, I read about people from Dublin, who live near Jedward, saying absolutely wrotten things about the twins, I know I've said some harsh things before but these locals were just mean saying they're weird, outsiders, annoying and a disgrace). There entertaining. They didn't sing enough tonight though. Last but not least is Joe McElderry singing Circle of Life from the 'Lion King'. This song will really show Joe's talents, he will shine tonight. Joe did an amazing job, Dannii said he was the best male vocalist on the show, which I believe too but I don't think Simon would be too happy about, Simon disagreed with Dannii's comment! He was good tonight.

I hope one of the girls win though! Fearghal thinks Louis's getting very feisty! Which is true! Since Louis got back from his leave due to the death of Stephen Gately he is really pulling up his socks and taking no prisoners!

Lots of Love xoxo

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