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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Team Jacob!!

Hey Everyone :)

I saw New Moon on monday with a bunch of my friends and it was really good. I didn't read the books but I still love the movies. Kirsten Stewart looked really pretty, compared to her times of looking a bit rough! And OMG Edward Cullen topless walking into the sunlight was NOT hot! He is so not good looking! He's not too bad when he's tanned and with clothed on but apart from that... GROSS!

I am team JACOB all the way! He's definately got the body! And he's tanned and gorgeous! As he says himself in the movie... He's beautiful! Haha... I couldn't stop laughing. If I was Bella I would chose being a vampire rather than being with an off the handle werewolf... but I still felt bad for jacob... why couldn't a nice tanned girl come into it for him?

The movie was very well done, I thought Dakota Fanning would have a bigger role but she didn't. She played the part well. It was very sad at times, very good and the special effects were amazing!!

What did you think of the movie?

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. I've not seen it yet but I hope to this week. Jacob Black = WOW!

  2. edward cullen all the way because he has got a fit body nice hair cute face and his unofficial surname is nearly like mine (cullane) thats my surname close huh i wish i was the one snoggin the face off edward whoop whoop but jacob is really sexy especially in shark boy and lava girl hay hay xoxo

  3. Thanks for your comment hun :) I do think Rob Pat is hot but I think Taylor has more sex appeal! I just can't get past the pale shiny skin haha x


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