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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween: Pumpkin Fever!!

Hey Everyone :)

Halloween has come and gone! Along with dressing up, I love making little baggys of lots of different sweets and carving pumpkins! Last year I bought a pumpkin carving kit from tesco's. So handy!

I carved these pumpkins, the witch one by myself for my house and I got help from 2 friends carving the ghost. I also carved a small one with a face for my boyfriends house. I'm addicted! Ha. I love it so much i gave myself the title "the pumpkin wizard"! I don't half love it, do I?

This is the small faced pumpkin for my boyfriends house!

This was my inspiration for my pumpkin!!
This is my finished pumpkin! Yay! Isn't it cool? Its the witch from snow white!

This is a picture of me with my pumpkin to prove that its my pumpkin and I carved it!

This is the ghost pumpkin me and my friends carved out!

What do you think of the pumpkins? Good or bad?

Lots of Love xoxo

Disclaimer - I do not own the witch picture and do not claim to own the picture. I reserve the right to remove any comments I deem unneccesary or mean.

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