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Friday, November 6, 2009

Hair History

Hey Everyone :)

So when I was younger about 8-9 years ago I had my natural hair with red streaks in it, then I dyed my full head mohogany colour and then I started getting blonde highlights about 5 years ago. So after paying €160 each time I get my hair done about 3-4 times a year then it gets a bit costly and I couldn't really afford it. So I had a drastic change and dyed my hair back to brown, then got highlights back into it, then back to light brown and then a lighter brown. So heres the pictures:
2004 - blonde

Christmas 2008
March 2009
April 2009

September 2009 (present)

I prefer my hair blonde, but it'll take me 2 years to get back to the levelof blonde I had it :(

Which hair colour on me do you prefer?

Lots of Love xoxo

Disclaimer - I reserve the right to remove any comments I deem unnecessary or mean. All my pics are labelled.


  1. i think the dark one (2nd from bottom) looks great on you!! makes ur eyes stand out heaps!! however i understand how you want to go back to blonde... its SOOOOOOO addictive!!! i like cried because i got my hair coloured like a DARK blonde the other week, and im like shiiiit i need my bleach back :( you pull of all the colours rly well!

  2. hey, i nominated you for an award on my blog !

  3. i agree! i love the dark color on you!


  4. @Lorien - thanks :) I'm hoping to dye my hair blonde but it may come out orange! ahhhhh!
    @Nicole - Thank you so much, i added it to my other blog awaqrd post! :)
    @Chelsea - Thanks, i actually hated that colour at first then it grew on me but then I got highlights and went lighter then looking back at the pics I liked it!


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