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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cork Floods of 2009

Hey Everyone :)

Nothing to do with beauty but I just wanted to post this because it's whats happening in my city at the mo. Cork city is full of floods!

Basically Thursday 19th November it was lashing rain all day. It was the worst rain weather in ages, and it was cold and windy. Then a warning came up in college that all classes were cancelled after 4pm because of the weather and difficulty of travel. I was finished at 2 so headed home and on the way home found out that one of the main roads was closed. I took the bypass home anyway and when I got home found out that all the main roads heading into the city were closed due to floods. The ESB were forced to open the floodgates or the dam would've blown open anyway due to pressure. So the city flooded. All of washington street (by the courthouse), western road (by University College Cork), Grand Parade (by Father Matthew Park and Soho pub), and the Mercy hospital A&E was closed due to a wall collapsing from the floods.

Mercy Hospital Staff 
Grand Parade
Kingsley Hotel, Carrigrohane Road
On a brighter note all UCC students got the week off due to water damage and flooding. But on a bad note they have to make up the week they are going to miss in december the week they were due to finish for the holidays. So my boyfriend is happy he has the week off but not that he's got to make it up after! Unfortunately my college is still open next week!
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