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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas window shopping

Hey Everyone :)

So I've been out looking around in the shops and have spotted some lovely buys.
In Accessorise I saw some lovely things e.g. a golden LOVE keychain, an "I love you" necklace... it's an envelope with a letter popping out that says "I love you" on the letter, I also saw a set of earrings and necklace... it was a small clock with black face and golden around, and on top of that it has a little black bow. Each of these are so so cute. I love them all.
The Love keychain is €8
"I Love You" necklace is €8.50
Bow and clock necklace is €10
Bow and clock earrings are €8.50
In Boots there are some lovely gift sets, new make-up from bourjois and there is a new boots in Cork city, it is a large one. I was in there on there first day of opening and I love it. It has so many amazing new things, and the layout is great! :)
Also, in Debenhams and Benefit have some great christmas gift sets.
UPDATE: I was tagged about 2 weeks ago to do a black colour tag and tagged to do an orange colour tag and I lost my USB lead for my phone so as soon as I find that I'llhave both tags done ASAP!!
Also, I bought the cutest top for christmas but when I get outfit I'll post about it :)
Lots of Love xoxo

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