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Monday, November 2, 2009

Celeb of the Week: Pixie Lott (28/10/09 - 04/11/09)

Hey Everyone :)

This is the celeb of the week. She is gorgeous. young, fresh and I love her style. She has made it big in the music industry with the release of her 1st album.

Pixie Lott is an 18 year old solo artist. Her real name is Victoria, she is from England. She has performed live in many places around the world. Her style is very cute. For summer she wore short shorts, cute tops, wellies and headband with thick black eye make-up. And she has started a trend of sequin shorts from her Boys and Girls music video. She has a lot more to show. She isn't a wild child yet but I think she's bursting to get out.

She is very pretty and when she isnt wearing shorts shes wearing really cute outfits. I love this girl, she's really cool.

Lots of Love xoxo

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