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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

X Factor: Live Show 3

Hey Everyone :)

It's X Factor review show time. Sorry its out late. :( Its BIG BAND night. This means the acts must perform live on stage with an orchestra.

So basically.... we're down to 10 acts. After sunday night, 9 acts continue on to the 4th live show.

The acts this week:

Olly - He was fantastic this week, he sang the themesong from b*witched. He did a really great job but could have made the song stronger.

Lloyd - He did an amazing job this week, compared to other weeks when his voice seemed too weak, but he pulled it out of the bag. Also I liked the back flip!

Miss Frank - They re-sang there first song that got them through to the next round from bootcamp. They have amazing voices but I don't think they mixed there voices well in the last two performances.

Rachel - She's changed. She had a softer look this week, got rid of the mo-hawk and had more colours. She seemed more personable. BUT why was she acting like Stacey when she got good reviews and when she got through? Grrr... I like her but that was unnecessary. She should be herself.

Jamie - I didn't like the way Jamie got away with doing a U2 song on big band night and I'm glad Louis had the b*lls to stand up for the acts and say it was wrong that Simon got away with it because he's the producer. He did a good job though, but the song was wrong.

Stacey - I love stacey, shes amazing and has a fantastic job, the test is though can she sing pop/r'n'b songs other than big operatic type songs. She looked amazing in the glitzy dress and she sang the song like an angel. Amazing.

Danyl - I don't like Danyl he's an over cocky bully. I HATE the way Danyl sings a long note at the end of ALL his songs, I know its like a trade mark thing but come on man, STOP IT!!

Joe - I love Joe, I think he has such an amazing voice. He will definitely go far. He sang the song amazingly. And he deserves to be in the show. He's very talented. Female dancers would've suited the sexy image.

Lucie - I LOVE Lucie. She's the one I'm voting for. But unfortunately there are many talented males in the competition and after the past few years its the women that are coming out on top of the charts. Lucie has an amazing voice and really had guts to go for that loud note during the song live. She could've croaked, but it was beautiful. Also, I didn't like the way Simon commented and the way he told her she had a petal in her hair, it seemed quite smarmy.

John and Edward - They can't sing. I think they should've toned down the dancing around with half naked dancers and just gone with a song. They are good entertainers but that's all they have. They could've done a better job.

The judges - Louis is back. And he's taking no prisoners! He had some harsh comments to through out. Simon seems a bit nicer this week, but I think he's WAY too cocky about his group and because he owns the show he thinks he's going to win. I think a youthful person should win, someone younger than 25! Jamie and Danyl are too cocky, they know there good but they show it way too much! The judges seem to get on more this week, except for some little things between Simon and Louis.

Unfortunately, Miss Frank have been voted off. It came down to Danyl Johnson and Miss Frank. Danyl did a cocky performance and Miss Frank did an emotional performance. But I loved them, I thought they were a great group. Miss Frank said they'd stay together but eventually they won't be able to handle Gratiella taking all the talking roles and getting credit for the raps in the songs, when they are a group and should each get credit where due.

Good Luck Miss Frank.

Lots of Love xoxo

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