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Saturday, October 17, 2009

X Factor: Live Show 2

Hey Everyone :)

So, this week is DIVA week... YAY! I think this week Simon is being such a GIANT asshole!! He needs to give the contestants a break. And he's a lick ass to Whitney "Btw to Whitney if you watching you look cute" come on man... grow up!

Simons picking on every other contestant/group except his own! And I think he should ease off the others a bit.

I think Whitney and Clive's advice was good and the acts took it on well. Also I think Cheryl made good song choices... especially it being a diva week, there's no male diva songs put there and for males to have to take on woman songs its hard... the vocal pitch is different. I don't like any of the overs this week simply because of Simon.

Lucie did a great performance this week and really went for those high notes and the dancing really stepped up her game this week. Very energy, a star was born tonight!
Olly did a really good performance, i really like his voice, Its different. He did a truly fab job tonight... the Olly shuffle ha ha
Miss Frank did a really good job tonight, i think the vocals at the end were a bit dodgy though, sorry girls! I think they are truly great as a group!
Rachel really stepped it up this week. When she began lying on the floor all i thought was "get up girl" ha ha.
Joe did a really amazing job, one of the few acts that Simon praised this week!
Danyl did a good job but i don't like the way he sings a long note at the end of this week AND last week. It doesn't show versatility.
Lloyd is such a dote. He did a really good job tonight, that song is a hard one to sing anyway so I think Simon should've given him a break,Poor Cheryl in tears... Simon's fault, I think the song was a good choice for him.
John and Edward stepped it up this week, there vocals were a bit stronger but they still can't sing! They looked hilarious and the "titanic" part was very funny!! It was a love seen between brothers haha.
Rikki did a poor job tonight, he could've really belted that out, I'm sorry to say he could be the one to go this week :(
Jamie's Xtina performance was very rock'n'roll. His voice just can't change!
Stacey was AMAZING tonight! She did an amazing job and looked gorgeous. Total Star!!

What crawled up Simon's ass and made him think he's king? Just because his mentor (Clive Owen) was sitting by him in the audience doesn't mean he has the right to be an asshole!! GRR he really pissed me off tonight! Stacey looked amazing, she's got the whole package. And for Simon to say she wasn't comfortable, hello she wore jeans and a Marilyn Monroe top last week to a glam glitzy pink and black dress this week, difference... ya!!

Good Luck to Kandy Rain, I hope they go on to do good things!!

UPDATE: Rikki Loney is gone, as I predicted!! Also, Rachel was in the bottom 2 again this week, why don't people like her? And WTF, how did the twins get into the 3rd live show?!!

Lots of Love xoxo

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